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Bissell Steam Mop Cleans Naturally

bissell steam mop

I’ve been looking for a new mop because I haven’t been satisfied with the mops I’ve been using. I’ve been wanting a mop that I could reuse for years. One that wouldn’t require constant replacing of the mop itself or parts attached to it. One that would lift the dirt and naturally sanitize my floors.

I was offered the opportunity to test a Bissell product and since I needed a new mop, I chose the Bissell Steam Mop. Its eco-friendliness is what grabbed my attention. It runs on scented demineralized water aka distilled water. That’s it. Cleaning my floors is as simple as holding down the steam trigger and guiding the Steam Mop across the floor. It swivels for easy maneuvering in tight spots. To sanitize an area, all I have to do is steam over the area for at least 15 seconds.

bissell steam mop

The Steam Mop includes two deluxe microfiber mop pads which are machine washable and a bottle of demineralized water aka distilled in the Bissell Steam Mop. Since I have a hard time finding the Bissell brand water locally, I’ll probably make my own distilled water and essential oil mixture when I run out of what I have.

The Steam Mop can be used on any hard floor surface as well as carpet. It turns into a carpet refresher simply by removing the mop pad. The Steam Mop is definitely a keeper. I’ve ditched my old mop, bucket, and its dirty water. I feel a sense of comfort knowing that I am really cleaning and sanitizing my floors without using any chemicals or having to constantly replace parts.

Stain Solver App

Now although I don’t have an iAnything, I thought the Stain Solver iPhone app from Bissell was worth a mention. Yes, even Bissell has an app. This free app offers tips and solutions for tackling more than 100 types of stains. You can search solutions by stain category and share suggestions via photos and social media platforms for a variety of cleaning methods, including home remedies, machines, and sprays. Pretty cool huh?

BUY IT: $69.00 – $89.00


Monday 21st of February 2011

Very interesting to know. I may look into that. How is it on grouted tile? That’s my constant nightmare to clean…


Monday 21st of February 2011

@Liss, You'd probably need something more heavy duty to get into the grout grooves.

Some Lucky Dog

Monday 21st of February 2011

I am so wanting a steam mop! We have loads of hardwood floors and heated tile in out bathroom and my art studio. I’m guessing this one would be fabulous! Thanks for the review!


Monday 21st of February 2011

Heated tile? I'm jealous!

You're welcome!

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