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BlogHer ’10: August 6th


I started the day heading to the Walmart Sustainability booth for a tour. Breakfast was sporadic; had to grab random pieces of rolls/fruit and then head out to the Getting Gorgeous Skechers Shape-ups walk which made the Wall Street Journal (ignore the bits about species, tight t-shirts, mommy swag, etc). I was among the first 25 people to RSVP, so I received a free pair of Shape-Ups – love ’em. I was surprised to see that they come in different styles; even sandals. If you are not fond of the thick “Skechers-ish” look, there are some styles that look a little more “normal” for ya.

After the walk, I showered and changed and headed to the Getting Gorgeous event where I ran into Renee. I finally got to meet Jane and Sharon of Mom Generations, who got an amazing deal on her dress. I’ve known all of the Mom Generations ladies since the Pinks & Blues days before becoming a mommy. How time flies. Audrey and Vera outdid themselves with the Getting Gorgeous event for sure. I took back some great items for myself and to share with my friends. I sure wish I was 10lbs heavier so I could fit into the Miracle Body jeans. Dang it. My Lia Sophia pearls made up for that.

Next door was the BSM Media swag suite where I bumped into Onica, checked out some of the sponsors tables, entered some giveaways, and picked up a battling Zhu Zhu Pet that Jayden loves chasing around the house.

Lynnae and made our way to the My Blog Spark suite where we had some yummy Pregresso soups and other treats. The chicken tortilla certainly does not taste straight from a can. Next, we headed to the Hershey’s S’more suite where we…how did you guess? Made S’mores. We hadn’t had lunch, so visiting these two suites hit the spot. We somehow wandered to the Metamucil suite where we learned about their new shakes that provide normal amounts of fiber. It was kind of awkward being asked to sample a Metamucil shake, lol. It was good though and no it didn’t leave my tummy rumbling later on. After chatting with Stuart A. Seale, M.D, we headed to part two of the suite where we got reflexology foot massages. Best massage ever. Thank you, Catherine Stapleton. She was so sweet, I had to get her a hug.

Lynnae and I then did some work at the Walmart booth, Jolawn stopped by to say hello. After our shift, Lynnae and I browsed the expo, and a very fulfilling dinner and desert (NOM) at Etrusca with MonicaMelissa and George/Alana had to run.

After dinner, Lynnae, Monica, and I headed to the Robeez party, also put together by Audrey and Vera. I got a way cute diaper bag and goodies for the next baby (to be in the making by spring – I suppose).

Next, I headed to the Hallmark Christmas in August party with Stephanie. I ran into Jennifer, Naomi, and Kat. By then, many of us were exhausted. Lori brought up feeling like a scrooge which fit the scene perfectly. I didn’t wear my purple santa hat, I didn’t decorate cookies, or pose with the guy dressed in the Santa suit. Bahumbug. Elizabeth lifted my spirits when she sweetly gave me a friendship stone. Awww.

Stephanie and I headed to meet up for the NYC Night Tour. I think a number of us were expecting the red topless buses. We did stop and get out at a few locations, so it wasn’t so bad. Jen and I went on a mission to buy something random. She bought me a bracelet. We tried to get a picture of our bracelets together, but the picture blurred. Darn camera.

‘Twas the second day of BlogHer ’10. It was a looong day of fun and hugs. It’s days like these that make me look forward to next year’s conference. I’m excited and I already have plans of turning BlogHer ’11 into a family adventure.

Folks I’ve met (that I can remember): @themommyfactor @sharoncouto @janecouto @spelhouselove @eringifford @momrenewal @seeryusmama @organizersandy (well, we did the Skechers walk together, lol) @sarcasticmomlc (met her while I got lost on the elevator)

Folks I’ve seen again: @rockandrollmama, @classymommy @audreymcclellan @mommybrain @jennfowler @LucretiaPruitt @katydidandkid @babymakingmama @caseydeuce @youngmommy @acowboyswife @reneejross @savorthethyme @craftymama @nycmama @DuongSheahan @bethrosen @sugarjones @commnsensemoney

♥ Again, if I missed you, know that I love you. My brain is just in a fog.

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