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Bouncing Back Physically After Pregnancy

Many women can’t wait to start their favorite sport again after giving birth and get back in shape quickly, but is your body ready to resume training? Afterall, women deal with a lot of body changes and sometimes it affects our confidence. There are ways to feel good again, you may have considered stretch mark removal procedures for example, or perhaps a brand new hairstyle. But if you want to get fit again, you do need to know what is best for your body.

How long to wait?

The majority of women can resume training between four to six weeks after childbirth, except in the case of a cesarean, where we must wait twelve weeks. It’s also on a case-by-case basis, depending on how the birth went and the extent of the tears and stitches. If you experience any discomfort around the stitches while moving, it is best to wait a few more weeks. You have to listen to your body.

Where to start?

The first rule to follow when starting to train again is to be followed by a certified trainer to do it the right way. It is imperative that he or she check to see if your abdominals have closed before starting again. Almost all women experience separation of the rectus abdominis after childbirth due to the muscles stretching throughout pregnancy. This phenomenon is called diastasis. It is essential to wait until the abdominals have closed (a process that takes a few weeks) before starting exercises or the diastasis is permanent. By the three-month postpartum follow-up with the doctor, the abdominals should have fully closed. If not, the doctor may recommend physiotherapy follow-up. The goal of getting in shape in the first few weeks after childbirth should be pelvic and abdominal rehabilitation, not weight loss. The first six to eight weeks should therefore be devoted to rebuilding the muscles and ligaments. If your organs are poorly supported during exercise, you may suffer from stress and incontinence problems which aren’t great for your health in the long run. 


So many women want to lose weight at all costs and return to sport very intensively too soon after childbirth. They do not do the right exercises or do them the wrong way, hence the importance of being followed by a certified trainer. It is important to always go at your own pace! Avoid all exercises that involve jumps like running, rope skipping, or jumping jacks. They can lead to a prolapse of the bladder and cause or worsen problems with urinary leakage. If you experience leakage on exertion while exercising, do not continue and perform other movements. In the case of abdominal pain or heaviness in the pelvic area, it is better to stop training and consult your doctor. Gentle exercise can help, Pilates etc. You can also go swimming. Fitness after pregnancy is important and it’s important to start to feel like yourself again but remember, always get enough rest – or at least as much as your baby allows! 


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