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Boredom Buster: Buzzle Ball – A Step Away From The Cube


So I’m a little ashamed to admit that I’ve never owned a Rubik’s cube. Some 80’s child I am! I’ve had plenty of opportunities to play with them, but I was never able to solve one. You know what? I think I’m going to add solving a Rubik’s cube to my 30×30 bucket list. I can definitely use a little more brain stimulation. And solving puzzles can help ease anxiety (Unfortch, I’ve got plenty of that.), improve performance at work, heighten creativity, and ward off dementia when I’m old and grey fabulous.

Jayden is into solving puzzles on his Kindle and he often scoffs at how easy they are. We recently received a little something that will challenge him and keep him busy during quiet time. We received a Buzzle Ball to try and we are impressed and stumped with this unique innovation. Buzzle Ball is a new twist on puzzling, a step away from the cube. The Buzzle Ball is half green, and half blue, featuring a gray ring that wraps around the entire ball. When jumbled, you must twist and turn the components until the ball is back to its original state. Geared towards ages 8 and over, at 6 years of age, Jayden is still able to enjoy tinkering around with the Buzzle Ball.


The Buzzle Ball is definitely a boredom buster I would have enjoyed as a kid. As an only child, I spent hours occupying myself with Lego’s, playing cards, and puzzles. I can see little me getting lost in Buzzle Ball Land, so I have no doubt that Jayden will be spending many hours quietly trying to crack the Buzzle from his top bunk.

Buzzle Ball can be found in Walmart stores or for $19.97. You’ll be pleased to know that Buzzle Ball is made in the USA. Solving tips and videos are available at See video below to get a glimpse of how the Buzzle Ball works.

See Buzzle Ball In Action

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