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Can You And Should You Park Across Your Own Driveway?

The last thing you want when you come home from a day at the office is to find you can’t get into your driveway because someone else is parked there. It can be especially frustrating if you need to get out for an appointment or if you are running a business from home and have delivery lorries coming and going. In short, it can be an expensive headache. 

Why people Park Across Your Driveway

It is possible someone has left a broken-down vehicle or only intends to be there for a minute or two. But in most cases, people are simply saving money. Every street that has designated parking bays will probably have a parking meter, ensuring that every space is paid for while occupied. However, this doesn’t apply to the gaps between designated bays. That is the area in front of people’s driveways. 

People who park here won’t be given a ticket and can effectively park for free. On one hand, you can understand them saving money as car parking rates can be very expensive. But, there are also options for cheap monthly parking NYC that these people should adhere to.

Moving Vehicles

It is illegal to park across someone’s driveway, even if you park so that they can still get into the drive. However, enforcement officers will assume the vehicle is parked there with your permission unless you tell them otherwise. 

If a vehicle is parked across your driveway you need to contact the local enforcement officials or a reputable towing company. They will remove the vehicle for you and deal with the disgruntled car owner for you.

Parking Across Your Own Driveway

There is no law preventing you from parking across your own driveway. You do need to be parked outside of the designated bays, overlapping them is the same as being parked in them. That means you will need to adhere to the standard parking rules. 

But, providing you are across your driveway and not overlapping the marked bays, you can leave your car there as long as possible. It also reminds other drivers not to park across your driveway as it is constantly in use. 

The real benefit of this is that your driveway is kept free. It can be useful if you are having material delivered and need time to shift it. Parking across your driveway is also convenient, especially when you are only stopping for a few minutes. 

But, perhaps the biggest benefit of parking across your own driveway is the ability to rent the space out to someone else. There are plenty of people that will pay for your driveway as it is significantly cheaper than the car parks in the city. They save money and you earn it, all you have to do is park across your own driveway and move your car to let your renter in and out. It is legal and a great way to use the system to earn a little extra money.

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