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Can you use PEMF while pregnant?

PEMF is non-invasive, drug-free therapy and it can be used in the convenience of your home. PEMF machines pose zero risks. There are no known side effects of the treatment. Moreover, there are some contraindications that have received widespread support in the literature. If you are pregnant, you must know whether the electromagnetic fields are harmful for your unborn baby’s health or not.

What is the electromagnetic field?

The electromagnetic interaction creates a physical field called a magnetic field (MF) that permeates all of space and is created by electrically charged things. Environmental MF exposure has two types: extremely low-frequency MF and radiofrequency. There are various PEMF devices available at Healthy Line with different frequency ranges.

There have been growing concerns about the potential health effects of MF. Since 1979, the first report has been proved that children living near power transmission lines had an increased risk of childhood leukemia.

From then on, higher MF exposure levels have also been associated with premature baby growth in pregnant women, childhood cancer, poor sperm quality, reduced fertility, diabetes, impairments in cognitive functions, and other health conditions.

A growing embryo and fetus are considerably more susceptible to environmental contaminants, including MF. Various researches have focused on the effect of prenatal MF exposure on fetal growth as well as other health concerns of offspring, such as miscarriage, premature death, obesity, and asthma etc.

Effect of EMF during pregnancy

A study looked into the correlation between fetal growth in children and shallow maternal frequency MF (ELF-MF) exposure during pregnancy. One hundred twenty-eight pregnant women were asked to wear an EMDEX Lite meter for 24 days at the end of their third trimester in order to monitor their daily ELF-MF exposure. To assess prenatal ELF-MF exposure, the researchers used the time-weighted average (TWA), P50, and P75 of distinct 24-hour testing approaches.

For high and low prenatal ELF-MF exposure, the medians of various measuring approaches are being employed as cut-off points. Fetal development has been calculated using the infant’s birth weight, skinfold depth of the triceps, abdominal muscles, and back, as well as the girth of the head, upper arm, and abdominal muscles. Such tests were carried out within 24 hours of the baby’s delivery. After relevant confounders were taken into consideration, a generalized linear model was utilized to examine the relationship between maternal ELF-MF levels and fetal growth index values.

Girls with higher prenatal ELF-MF exposure had lower birth weights, thinner triceps, belly, and back skinfolds, and considerably smaller circumferences of the head, upper arm, and abdominal muscles in all three ELF-MF matrices compared to girls with lower prenatal ELF-MF exposure. On such measures, there is just a little difference in back skinfold thickness between boys who had higher and lower prenatal ELF-MF exposure.

Preventive measures

It doesn’t matter if you’re pregnant or not; the most important safety measures to take before starting PEMF therapy are to make sure you’re using the machine correctly to enjoy a safe and pleasant experience. Healthy Line is a great platform where you can buy your desired PEMF therapy devices to have a comfortable session.

Before starting your PEMF therapy session, we advise you to:

·  Every time consult your doctor for the treatments

·  Always read the manual before using the PEMF device.

Consult your doctor if you are expecting a child to make sure that electromagnetic fields won’t be harmful to your child’s health. This warning is being given since there have been no studies conducted on pregnant patients that demonstrate that PEMF therapy is harmful during pregnancy. When treating nearby areas like the back and hips, solenoids inside the therapeutic band may cause pulsed electromagnetic fields to be emitted into the atmosphere, which may affect the development of the fetus.

In a nutshell, there are no studies or other evidence that PEMF therapy is harmful to a pregnant woman, there are also insufficient studies or other evidence to conclude that it is safe. As a result, we do not support using PEMF while pregnant.

Author: Amelia Croud
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