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Can Your Core Numbers Tell You What Career Path You Should Take?

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There are certain numbers in Numerology which can influence you more significantly than others. These special numbers are so influential, in fact, that they are known as our “core numbers.” There are five core numbers and they all play a very important role in our lives. Core numbers are taken from your birthday or your name, and so last your whole life. 

Here is everything you need to learn about your core numbers and what they can tell you about your career path.

Which Core Numbers are Based on your Date of Birth?

There are two core numbers that are based on your birth date and many people believe that they can affect everything from your personality to your life choices. These two numbers are your Life Path Number and your Birthday Number.

  • Life Path Number

As its name suggests, your Life Path Number is representative of the path which you are on in life. It can teach you more about who you are and who you may become in the future as well as the difficulties which you may encounter on the way. Working out your Life Path Number with a numerology calculator will help you to understand the reasons why certain things occur as well as providing you with the information and tools you need to choose a job in which you will be able to excel. There are nine single-digit Life Path Numbers (1 to 9), and three double-digit Master Numbers (11, 22, and 33). Every Life Path Number has a different set of character traits and natural abilities.

  • Birthday Number

The easiest number in Numerology to work out is your Birthday Number. This is just the day on which you were born so is always a number between 1 and 31. Other numbers in Numerology are usually reduced down to a single-digit but this isn’t the case with your Birthday Number. Each Birthday number has a unique energy that can influence your natural abilities and gifts. It can reveal a talent that you have inherently and which will help you in a career that will benefit yourself and the rest of the world. 

Which Core Numbers are Based on Your Name?

In Numerology terms, your birth name is not given to you by accident. It is part of your destiny and is very important for this stage of your journey in life and soul. There are three different core numbers based on your birth name which require your full birth certificate name; your Expression Number, Personality Number, and Soul Urge Number. 

  • Expression Number

Also known as your Destiny Number, your Expression Number has a major influence over your strengths and weaknesses. It enables you to find the things you are best at and also areas where you are likely to struggle, which enables you to prioritize your focus and energy into a business in which you are most likely to become successful. Your Expression Number, like your Life Path Number, is a single-digit number between 1 and 9, or a Master Number of either 11, 22, or 33.

To find your Expression Number, you take all the letters of your birth name. Each of those letters represents a single-digit number which you add together and then reduce down to one digit or a two-digit Master Number.

  • Personality Number

Your Personality Number reflects and influences the personality which you present to the world. This number is not representative of your entire personality, just those traits which you show to others. It also plays a part in the first impression that you make on others and how they will respond to you initially. This can be important when meeting new clients for your business. You can find your Personality Number using the consonants in your full birth name. It is also a single-digit number between 1 and 9 or a Master Number.

  • Soul Urge Number

As its name suggests, your Soul Urge Number represents your biggest desires and aspirations. In contrast to your Personality Number which is indicative of what you show the world, your Soul Urge Number represents the things that are most meaningful to you and which you only share with those who you deem to be worthy. This is important as you can discuss with your friends and family the right balance between life and work which will help you choose the right career. You can work out your Soul Urge Number using the vowels from your birth name and you will be left with one of the same 12 numbers as with the other Core Numbers in Numerology. 

Knowing more about yourself and your place in the world can be very useful in living a full and happy life. From being conscious of your own personality to understanding your natural talents, finding your core numbers can be crucial in choosing the right career path which will make you financially successful and also happy in your work.

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