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Career Ideas For Those In Need Of A Calling

It’s hard to find a dream career. As a kid, you might have dreamed of being a racecar driver or an astronaut when you were older. Whilst those career dreams might have changed slightly over the years, you probably still have aspirations as an adult. And there’s no reason to give up on those goals. You don’t have to settle for a job you hate just to make money. Obviously, work is going to be stressful and exhausting at times, but your career should always be rewarding. There should always be a challenge. Most importantly, you should want to tackle that challenge. If you’re looking for new opportunities but you’re not sure what job role would be best suited to you then it’s time to make a change. Here are some career ideas for those in need of a calling.

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If you’ve always been the kind of person who wants to make a difference in the world then the educational system might be perfect for you. Office jobs suit some people, but others want to do work that achieves more than making a business money. And maybe that’s because you’re not business-minded; you’re people-minded. The great thing about teaching is that there are so many options with regard to the academic side of the job role. Whatever the subject in which you’re skilled, there’s an opportunity to teach it. So, in terms of your interests, there are endless possibilities in the realm of teaching.

You could even go into private tutoring. Or you could check out teaching opportunities such as Teach For America so that you can make a difference to kids all over the country. The important thing is that you have the right personality and mindset for this career path. In terms of the types of teaching you can do, you have a wide array of topics from which to choose. Make sure you get the necessary qualifications in your subject of interest, of course. But, above all else, you need to have the motivation to make a positive difference in the lives of many young people. If you want to change the world then this is the right career for you.


People with technological gifts have a world of potential doorways at their fingertips. If you’re wasting away in a job that doesn’t let you utilize your IT expertise (or your interest in the industry) then you need to start searching for other options. With a bit of training, you could be qualified for so many different career paths in so many different marketplaces. In fact, many companies offer in-house training for individuals who show an interest and promise in computing. You should look into apprentice roles for web development opportunities at different businesses if that’s a route that appeals to you.

You might want to build up your CV to increase your likelihood of beating other candidates who are applying for IT jobs, of course. You could check out this online masters computer engineering course if you’re interested in that field. You’d learn about advanced electrical and computer systems related to AI and other relevant industries in the modern technological world. Information technology is always evolving, so professionals always need to keep learning to stay ahead of the curve. Employers just want to see that you have the ability to learn. Unlike other industries, it’s not all about people with the most experience. After all, somebody who’s been coding for 10 years will have had to re-learn everything they know numerous times to stay up to date.

Graphic Design

This is a career that can open the door to many different industries. If you’re a creative individual with a passion for drawing, painting, or designing things in general then a job in this industry could be perfect for you. Every company needs graphic designers to help develop logos, websites, and other branding elements that are integral to the business’s overall image. So, if your teacher told you that you’d struggle to make money by becoming an artist then they might not have been thinking of the bigger picture. You just need to use creative thinking when looking for creative jobs. Okay, it can be tough to become a famous artist and open your own gallery, but there are plenty of job opportunities related to graphic design for individuals with creative talent. You just need to think outside the box if you want to find your true calling in the working world.

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Maybe you’re a caring individual but the earlier suggestion to work in teaching didn’t appeal to you. However, there are plenty of other ways to make a difference in the lives of others. You might want to look at the healthcare industry if you’ve always wanted to help people in a medical sense. That doesn’t just involve job opportunities for nurses or doctors. You could look into careers involving counseling and emotional therapy, for example. Mental wellbeing is just as important as physical wellbeing. In the healthcare industry, there are opportunities to help people in all manner of ways.


You might not realize it, but the gaming industry is huge. Many people make careers out of creating games, selling them, and even playing them. If you love playing computer games, many people earn a living by live-streaming their video game playing.

As you can imagine, there are many ways to cultivate an online following and stream live content to them. For example, you could consider Twitch or YouTube, and others like Facebook Live videos.

If you prefer to create games, there’s a raft of game development jobs out there for programmers with skills in various development languages.

Social Media Marketing

In today’s society, that’s probably a career suggestion which piques the interest of many people reading this post. If you’re a social media expert then why not turn this into a paying job? For creative people with a flair for building a following on social media, this is the type of career that was custom-made for you. For the millennial generation, in particular, it’s a natural fit. Businesses in all manner of industries are starting to understand the importance of social media in their marketing efforts, and that’s why they’re looking for individuals with talent in this field. If you know how to hop on Twitter trends and post consistent content on Instagram then you’re exactly the type of person that so many companies are seeking. And the great thing about social media marketing is that there are so many job opportunities available in this industry. You could become a social media associate, a customer service professional, a brand guru, and so on.

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