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Career Paths for Management Types Who Hate the Office

Some people are not meant to be confined to an office, even if they have a background in management. Fortunately, there are plenty of careers out there that allow the manager to work in an outdoor environment, doing hands-on work to direct their crews. Construction is one of the ideal careers for managers who want to stay away from the office and keep their work more active.

Construction Manager

If you’re the management type but prefer to work outdoors, enrolling in a school of construction management program might be a way to further your career in that direction. Construction is an outdoor job first and foremost, and managers who work construction will be outside for most of their time on the clock. Construction managers supervise and manage construction contractors and laborers right on the site of the job, so this is a profession where you stay hands-on and involved in the outdoor project.

Forest and Conservation Manager

People who love forest settings will appreciate the job of forest and conservation manager. This particular job allows you to keep outdoor areas beautiful and thriving as well, which is rewarding.

Farm Management Specialist

Nothing is quite as rewarding as working on a farm. You watch products grow that will truly have a positive impact on the lives of people. Farm management specialists often manage large crews of agricultural workers and are able to take a hands-on approach to manage those teams, freeing them from the everyday grind in an office.

Vineyard Manager

Vineyard managers oversee the operations at a vineyard. Since they use their expertise to decide when to plant and when to harvest, they’re very involved in the outdoor environment of the vineyard. Although there will be paperwork, of course, the bulk of the job allows vineyard managers to enjoy the lush environment of the vineyard hands-on, and to eventually see the literal fruits of their labor (they also decide which type of grapes to use).

Sports Coach

Sports teams, from high school to professional level, need coaches to plan team activities and mentor players. While coaches are best known for guiding team performance during a specific match, the position involves much more than game time leadership. Coaching sports teams, especially in a high school or college setting,  is similar to teaching a class, except the mentoring and guidance is happening outdoors more often than not.

Outdoor career paths are for people who simply can’t handle jobs that require them to sit at a desk for hours at a time. And even though some of these management jobs will definitely have a desk for you somewhere, you’ll most often be in a hands-on situation where you can oversee work crews or players. You can pursue a career in management even if you’re not well-suited to an office. There are plenty of outdoor work crews that need to be managed and that will allow you to apply your educational background in an outdoor setting. Before settling for a desk job in management, make sure that you’ve learned about these outdoor management jobs. And there are plenty more to explore before making a decision.

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