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Casual Sunday Brunch Ideas To Appease Your Sweet Tooth

Photo by Plush Design Studio from Pexels

Sundays should be fun, the time to get out of routine and eat with the sole objective to please your taste buds. You can cheat on your diet and take in some extra carbs for breakfast and sweets at brunch. Sundays should be without rules, without restrictions to help you balance your otherwise strict lifestyle.

Incorporating cheat meals in your diet plan offers numerous benefits. No wonder it’s recommended by most of the fitness enthusiasts. If you follow a strict diet for the entire week, a cheat meal or two won’t cost you much.

Cheat meals are also known to enhance your metabolic functions, as well as stimulate the release of leptin, the hunger-suppressing hormone. Lower levels of leptin may lead to greater cravings, which may ultimately increase the amount of food you have, thus indirectly promoting weight gain.

So let’s share some delicious brunch ideas with you to satisfy your cravings.

Truffle Roasted Potatoes

Have you been suppressing your desire for munching on French fries for the entire week? Well, here’s something better for you to munch on – Truffle Roasted Potatoes. The truffle oil is generally used to add that characteristic flavor in the dish.

You can savor it with a slice of pizza or a bowl of pasta, whatever you please. It’s interesting to note here that truffle oil tends to improve your cardiac health and also helps prevent cancer.

Buttermilk Pancakes

The sweet, fluffy pancakes are a must-try for the weekends, especially if you’re missing your childhood. These are the ultimate comfort food, and the best brunch miami has to offer. The maple syrup that goes on the top and drizzles slowly down your throat, as you devour it, is a good reason to cheat your diet for the time.

Smoked Fish Toasts 

So the health-conscious you are unable to get rid of her dietary habits even on a Sunday? No worries at all! You can try the smoked fish toasts at brunch to satisfy your palate without any guilt. Grated cheddar is mostly used to top the toasts along with lemon, truffle butter and chopped parsley in some cases, giving the fish toasts a delectable flavor.

Cinnamon Buns 

If you’re craving something sweet, the cinnamon buns or rolls are the best things to begin your day with and set you off the rules for some time. The fluffy rolls dipped in yummy caramel sauce do well with or without frosting. They are sticky, delicious like anything, and when served hot, they just melt in your mouth, giving you the best foodgasm ever.

Blood Orange Doughnuts

A classic brunch item, the blood orange doughnuts are euphoric to taste, especially if you have a sweet tooth. If they’re baked instead of fried, they may reduce the calorie intake a bit and prevent any guilt feelings from interfering with the taste.

Wrapping it up

It’s difficult to curb those cravings for long, and when you’re a foodie by heart, it can meddle with your inherent sense of well-being. So work out regularly and have a cheat day once every week to devour on the aforementioned savories.

Your health, as well as your physique, won’t suffer even a bit, as long as you stay active and maintain a healthy lifestyle in general. Chuck those processed foods and refined sugars to get a taste of high-quality brunch items on the weekends.

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