July 4th was 8 days ago…

July 12, 2012 in Celebrations, Life & Quirks - 2 Comments
I guess I should post about it :-). My mother stayed with us the 3rd-5th. She helped me cook (spaghetti, layered salad, potato salad, baked beans, sausage and peppers, corn, and BBQ'd deliciousness). On the 3rd, we headed out to watch fireworks at the beach, but we were behind the last car they let in… Read More »


January 27, 2012 in Celebrations, Life & Quirks - 8 Comments
The snow that I so desperately wanted before the holidays came (albeit late) and went. Now, I am craving Spring. I need some green grass and morning dew in my life. Of course we can just pick up and move to the south. Having the flexibility to do so is so wonderful, but we're just… Read More »

Winter is…

December 15, 2011 in Celebrations, Life & Quirks - 10 Comments
Hearing the high winds and snow as it dusts the windows like so and opening the door in the morning and finding that it will only open halfway and stepping outside in your favorite around-the-house sweater and slippers to capture the aftermath Gazing at holiday lights at night and the fluffy snow that complement them… Read More »

Three Inspiring Jamaican Female Artists

September 16, 2011 in Personal, Travel - 6 Comments
I returned home from Jamaica last Tuesday and I am still reflecting over the fabulous time that I had; the adventure, the laughs, the tears, the inspiration that ensued. I will spare the full nitty gritty and break it all down into a series of post-reflections, but today I want to highlight the lovely female… Read More »


I'm an island girl at heart, unbothered old soul, and minimalist with extra tendencies. At my best, I love what I do... I want to encourage you to do the same, too. Live your best lives amidst trials and triumphs by crafting a life you love and deserve. Happiness is Iriemade❣ Read more...

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