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Spider-Man Party For Two

We are huge Spider-Man fans and to celebrate the release of the  Amazing Spiderman 2 movie Blu-ray Combo, we had a Spider-Man party for two! Planning this party was oh so very simple. Being Spider-Man enthusiasts, we already had plenty of toys and costume options. Jayden was Spider-Man for two Halloweens so both of the boys each… Read More »

Cars Grand Prix Hallmark Dream Party

August 17, 2013 in Celebrations, Entertaining - 2 Comments
The folks at Hallmark and Disney offered to give us the ultimate summer dream party experience. It was such an amazing opportunity that I definitely couldn't pass up, but since I have spring and fall babies, I decided to share the experience with my friend, Jenn, whose son recently turned seven. Despite Ryan only turning seven… Read More »

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