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  • Akilah is Two at Chuck E. Cheese’s!

    Can you believe baby Akilah is TWO? T W O! Her birthday was August 16th, so very close to Back to School season. You guys may remember us being released from the hospital the day before Jayden's first day of school. Talk about a scramble! So, here we are two years later. I hadn't prepped…
    Best Of, Celebrations, Experiences, Kids
  • Snacking On The Road + An Organizing Hack

    Between the snacks, our emergency bag, blankets, summer essentials and toys, our truck is looking more and more like we live in it! With three kids, we have to stay prepared for the everyday and as Jax says “the fun stuff”.

    Kids, Travel
  • What’s in my bag? Summer ’17 Edition.

    Summer break is here so that means we are spending more time outdoors/away from home. With three kids in tow, we have to stay prepared in order to enjoy our carefree days. I've given up on carrying a purse for the moment and I'm all about that backpack life - we live in it! I've…
    Get It, Travel
  • Road Trip Playlist For Hip Kids (and Parents)

    With the holidays on the horizon, many of us are preparing to travel to visit family. Although we’re only a half an hour away, that doesn’t quell the “Are we there yet?” from the little voices in the backseat.


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