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  • Spring Fashion For The Minimalist Who Loves Color & Patterns

    Believe it or not, fashion doesn’t have to be complicated. It can actually be simple if you adopt a minimalist approach to getting dressed. I know, amazing concept right? The minimalist trend has really become huge over the last few years. As a gal who is trying to embrace a more minimal lifestyle and also…
  • Every Cent Counts, Get Your Penney’s Worth

    Pennies. What inconvenient valueless pieces of zinc. Ugh, who needs them? How many times have you shared those sentiments when given pennies as change or while briefly spotting one measly cent on the ground? Everyone can remember the joy of finding a penny and picking it up. So when did the penny lose its luster? I'm not that…
  • What I Wore To Disney World (Winter Season)

    What do you wear to Disney World during the Winter? Well, the weather was perfect during our February Disney trip; low to high 70's during the day and low to high 50's at night. My goal was to be my version of comfortable and cute, so I packed tees, jeans, sneakers and a light jacket.…
    Disney, Disney Lifestyle, Fashion
  • My Latest Brand Crush, Madewell + Shopbop Sale

    I'm currently crushing on Madewell! They have so many classic pieces that never go out of style. Once you have them in your closet, you'll never have to buy them again. If you're trying to add a more "adult-like" look to your wardrobe, consider adding some of these comfy favorites to your capsule wardrobe. #gettinggrown…
    Fashion, Get It
  • Mijo & Mama Style: Fall Kicks

    I opened my window one day to the discovery of fallen leaves. It's that time of the year again, when nature sets itself as the perfect backdrop for portraits. Last Wednesday was school picture day and this year I caved and placed an order for the CD. Last year, I may have forgotten accidentally on…
    Boy's Fashion, Fashion
  • My Fall Fashion & Beauty Uniform

    Fall is almost here and I won't even bother protesting it. While I'm not quite ready to say goodbye to my summer garden, flip flops, or favorite swimsuit, I'm ready for pumpkin everything, layers, and rich earth tones. I'm currently preparing my wardrobe for fall by starting a "to donate" pile and by adding a few…

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