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  • Bathtime Is an Act of Our Toddler’s Self-Care

        "I stinky." "I wan take a bath." These are the declarations spout off by our tiny little princess after she has taken a doodie. Having a little girl is a bit different than boys. She spends far more time in the tub than her big brothers did. She has got to be clean,…
  • Lunch For The Minis: Mini Taco Bowls

    Sometimes it feels like keeping everyone fed and happy is difficult, but not today. This lunch idea is simple, easy, and utilizes leftovers so it prevents food from being wasted. Plus, it’s cheaper than buying boxed lunches – and healthier!

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  • Mini Style: Playtime After Dusk

    This week, Juicy has been asking to go do “fun stuff”. We’ve been promising him a park visit, aaand putting it off each day. Thursday came around and after dusk, he asked to go do fun stuff. At that point, we felt like we were neglecting our poor middle child,

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  • Akilah is Two at Chuck E. Cheese’s!

    Can you believe baby Akilah is TWO? T W O! Her birthday was August 16th, so very close to Back to School season. You guys may remember us being released from the hospital the day before Jayden's first day of school. Talk about a scramble! So, here we are two years later. I hadn't prepped…
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