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  • Choosing A DSLR: Canon or Nikon?

    When it comes to buying a DSLR camera, the biggest question we all hear is, “Canon or Nikon?” There’s a good reason why this question is pretty common, because they’re both reputable companies that dominate the camera industry. Canon and Nikon, the top two brands in photography, have a lot of similarities, but they also…
  • DIY Photo Gallery Wall

    I've been spending some time away trying to declutter, purge, and complete little projects around the house. It's been therapeutic tending to home and moving slowly for once. But I'm back today to share a quick and easy project that I tackled; a gallery wall in our hall. This wall in our hall had been…
    Best Of, Decor, Disney Lifestyle, Photography
  • DSLR Photography Basics: How To Use Aperture

    Aperture. What is it and how do I use it? To put it simply, aperture controls the opening of the lens. The aperture number determines how wide your lens opens when you take a photo and how much light is let in. Aperture is measured using the term f-stop; typically seen as f/1.4, f/2.8, and…
  • How to Choose a Camera: DSLR VS Compact Point And Shoot

    Shopping for a new camera can be overwhelming. There are so many camera types with different features that may or may not be best for your needs. Choosing a camera doesn’t have to be so difficult if you sit down and determine how you'll be using it. How to Choose a Camera First, decide what…
  • Nae Nae Power

    This Halloween, I planned to DIY the kids’ costumes again. I wanted to go with the ADVENTURE TIME theme again since the boys are still into Finn and Jake’s shenanigans.

    Halloween, Kids, Photography

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