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  • Juicy’s Buzz Cut & A Reflection On Growth

    When Jayden was a baby, he went bald. All that was left were bangs and I stressed out about his lack of hair all.of.the.time. "When is it gonna grow back? My baby is bald. Oh noes." Eventually, it grew back. And it's been cut a few times in-between. Jaxon (aka Juicy) was born with more…
    Natural Hair, Personal
  • New Year, New Hair With Garnier Olia

    Usually towards the end of the year, I get antsy feelings of wanting to do something with myself. So in true Sheena fashion, I started the new year by dying my hair. Nothing drastic, but more of a refresh. I have grown to love my magenta locs. I consider them to be a signature look…
    Natural Hair
  • I Rock Teh Clippers.

    Last Christmas, Greg's mom got him set of clippers. I think I was more excited about the set than he was. We live in an area where ethnic hair salons and barbers are scarce. The nearest suitable barber is 30 minutes away. Haircuts are not cheap, gas isn't either. And his hair grows back, really…
    Natural Hair

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