CBDMEDIC Alleviates My Husband’s Frequent Aches and Pains

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This post is sponsored by CBDMEDIC but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

My husband has been under the weather lately on top of everyday aches and pains that come along from his job that involves non-stop heavy lifting and being on his feet for 12 hours. Despite it being a tough week for him, it also came with some good news that made all of his hard work, through pain and exhaustion worth it. So I did what any loving wife would do *smirk* and picked up some things to help him feel better. I walked down to my local CVS (the perks of living in a walkable town) and perused the store for cold and pain relief. I also picked up a card. Something more than a get well. Something more than a thank you. I found a card that conveyed what my own words couldn’t express. I’m more of the action type. You know those 5 love languages? Well if there were languages for the giver, mine would be acts of service/gifts. I’m a giver.

Continuing my shopping, I passed a display of one of my latest obsessions; CBD products. This display shelf was stocked with CBDMEDIC pain relief products. My husband often asks for back rubs because his back is constantly sore and lately he’s been complaining of feeling pain and cramping in one of his legs. I thought regular hot baths with epsom salt plus an occasional rub down with one of CBDMEDIC’s pain relief ointments should do the trick. It was a toss-up between the Back & Neck Deep Rub Ointment and Active Sport Relief Stick. I ended up going with the Active Sport™ Pain Relief Stick because you can apply it before, during, and after exercising. It’s also convenient and less messy than creams so my husband can apply it to affected areas and carry on with his tasks.

So CBDMEDIC’s Active Sport™ Pain Relief provides advanced pain relief while continuously increasing blood circulation and decreasing inflammation. From strains and sore muscles to joint distress and muscle pulls, the Active Sport™ line can offer highly effective relief to keep you going. CBDMEDIC is formulated with CBD—a THC-free cannabinoid-rich hemp extractor oil from the Cannabis sativa L. plant. It is a natural alternative for pain relief, groundbreaking and accessible to a wide range of people who suffer from acute pain and prefer to use natural products.

Most of my husband’s weekends are spent in recovery mode, catching up on sleep and resting his body. Monday’s are usually when he feels his best so we’re able to tackle things that we need to do together. I’m hoping that with regular use of CBDMEDIC’s products, I won’t have to wait until Monday. Eventually, he’ll be able to take time off, but until then this is how we’re making it work- hot baths and backrubs with CBDMEDIC! Are you affected by acute pain? Try CBDMEDIC! You can find CBDMEDIC products at your local CVS store. Locate a retailer near you by searching the CBDMEDIC store locator.

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