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Celebrating Our Second Grader


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Jayden’s been back in school for well over a month now and we are finally back into the swing of things. I feel like this year is shaping up to be a good one… not that last year wasn’t. Last year was his first year attending his new school as a first grader. He had only been at the old school his kindergarten year, so it was a minor adjustment.

This school year has been met with a little more enthusiasm, though. During the previous year, Jayden would often complain that “school takes too long”. So far we’ve only had one day of mini protesting and that’s primarily because he was fresh off of summer vacation with a new baby sister. That’s hard, yo.

His favorite subject in school is Art. He lives for his crafts and projects and wants to be an art teacher and Minecraft master when he grows up. Sounds to me like we may have a creative engineer on our hands. Maybe a Web Developer perhaps? He’s definitely a chip off the old block.


Since baby Akilah and I were discharged from the hospital a day before school started, this exhausted mama missed out on photographing Jayden in his new classroom. It’s kind of a big deal since one of these days I plan on creating a book of school memories. Sigh. Before I know it he’ll be too cool for me to take his photos and I guess then, he can just take selfies. After a few weeks of recouping on my end, we all met him at school for an impromptu photo shoot.

Juicy is always sad to see big brother go off to school in the mornings and delighted to see “Jaydenin” in the afternoons. I couldn’t miss the opportunity to capture them reunited again. It was only after taking these photos that I realized Juicy had a case of car seat hair… real life captured!




The photoshoot didn’t stop there. We had to grab a few groceries, so while shopping, I decided, “Hey why not look completely insane and photograph my kid shopping for a treat of his choice?” This is where shooting with my  came into play, allowing me to conspicuously capture my kiddo. The small body, soft shutter, and 4K photo mode on the Lumix really saved a mamarazzi.





We made it out of the store stare-free (to my knowledge) with 111 photos taken within five or less minutes of shooting. That’s not even counting the 132 taken at school. With 243 photos to choose from, there had to be at least a dozen good shots, right? Of course. You’re looking at them. That’s the power of 4K photo. 🙂

Being the first born of three makes it hard to compete for attention. In the midst of many transitions, we celebrate Jayden. How do you make sure your child feels special during hectic times?

For more deets on Panasonic’s 4K photo feature found in LUMIX cameras, check out my Summer In Motion and Park Hop Motion Stop posts and the .

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