Energy Efficient Daylight Bulbs FTW!

It’s been a month since we’ve upgraded the rest of our warmer, soft white CFL bulbs and incandescent bulbs scattered around to daylight CFL bulbs. I am relieved to have that project out of the way – thanks GE! I was seriously becoming annoyed with the different temperatures of lighting around the house. I have this “Will it look good on camera?” obsession, so the mixing of the two different temperatures would cause frustration (white balance) when trying to take photos indoors.

The bulbs that I bought on my shopping mission were the 100w Energy Smart Daylight CFL’s. They give off a really bright light, true to daylight, and they are aweeesooome. They work wonders on moods (especially in the colder months) and they make everything look fresh.


Here are some photos taken one night in Jayden’s room. Look how lovely the colors are? There is a soft white bulb in the lamp for bed time, but the rest of the lighting in his room are daylight bulbs. I read somewhere that children thrive in bright, colorful surroundings… I took that advice and ran with it obviously :-).



Part of this shopping experience was to see if we would save money on our energy bill. We replaced a total of twenty bulbs in the house (rooms listed in the photo below + hallway light) and while comparing last year’s bill for June to this year’s bill we saved $12. There are many factors to take into consideration though. We have been running the A/C and who knows when we started running it last year. Also, maybe if we were still using incandescent bulbs in every light fixture and replacing every.single.bulb. in the house with CFL’s, we would have seen a much larger difference in our bill. I am, however, going to just roll with the savings because every penny helps contribute to the Summer Fun Fund.


I am extremely satisfied with the quality of lighting produced by GE’s Daylight Bulbs and their lifespan. We’ve never had to replace a CFL bulb from GE… I think we’ve been using them for six years… and I know that our newest bulbs will last just as long. The initial investment can be a little rough on the budget, but purchasing CFL bulbs for the entire house can be spread out over time. Using CFL bulbs are SO worth it and I’ve become such a snob. I’ll never use an incandescent bulb again. *side eye*

So sometimes we pay bills late. #dontjudge #freelancerproblems

Have you made the switch to using CFL bulbs? How about daylight bulbs? Notice a difference in your energy savings?

Don’t forget to print out the coupon below if you’re in the market for new CFL bulbs! For every coupon redeemed GE will donate $1.00 to the Foundation Fighting Blindness.

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    How exciting, $12 is still great!

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