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Charismatic Kid: The New Breed Of Superhero

I had the opportunity to preview Charismatic Kid: The New Breed Of Superhero, a new ebook written by Anthony Recenello aka @charismatickid on Twitter. I’m still in the process of reading it, but I couldn’t wait to share its awesomeness. There are so many “how to parent” books out there and honestly I would never give them the time of day, because most of parenting is going with the flow, right? Parenting is like “my thing”, that one thing that I want to do on my own. But there is one thing that I want Jayden and the rest of our children to be and that is confident and charismatic. I don’t exactly pwn (look it up) those two areas.

As a child, I was the opposite. I was teased because I received good grades. Teased because I wore glasses. Called a teacher’s pet because the teacher would defend and praise me. And the teasing continued as long as I continued to give them a response; screaming or bursting into tears. My mother’s response would always be, “oh they’re just jealous” and maybe that was the case because the ringleaders who tormented me through fourth grade all were in foster homes. It didn’t help being the only child either. Those episodes followed me for many years and kept me from doing so many things because of my lack of confidence and motivation to do better. I can probably make a list of angry encounters I had with people throughout all of my school years, excluding my senior year. It’s funny that it takes switching schools to have an all around enjoyable school year. I’ve got tons of stories to tell.

Anyway, I am getting over my hate for school (peers gotta love ’em), but having a child brings those unwanted feelings back. I don’t want the same for Jayden which is why a.) I’m never going to put him in schools full of… (How should I put this?) uncivilized kids and b.) I’m going to continue reading this book. It reads like a casual conversation which my attention span (or lack thereof) truly appreciates.

Anthony makes a very good point in this book. He says that through every glance, word, and movement, we are molding our children. How can we as parents expect our children to be charismatic when we aren’t ourselves? In this book, he teaches parents and children how to be a charismatic family unit through creative activities and plain ‘ol fun. At two years of age, Jayden is very happy and energetic. He’s an all around people person who loves hugs, and greeting people by asking them for nuggets. What does that say about us? Hmm. LOL.

I have rambled far too long. I’m hoping to highlight more of the book in future posts to come. It’s an excellent read.

You can order the ebook or audiobook at or win a copy ( over here ). I’ve decided to separate the review post from the giveaway just in case anyone had any commentary. I wouldn’t want those valuable comments getting buried in giveaway entries.

This book is for parents interested in training their children to be superstars at making friends, confident leaders among their classmates, and the ones who come out of future job interviews hired on their personality alone. Charisma is the name of the game, and this is the only book that teaches you how to be the most charismatic family on the planet on the inside and out. Over 200-pages of life-changing content on each page.


  • Discover the REAL way to reward good behavior, while ignoring the bad.


  • Teach them what it means to be a “selfless person.”


  • Highly potent body language techniques that can disarm a bully before he has a chance to strike.

Games and Exercises

  • Daily after-school activities that are sure turn your child from a video game junkie into a movie producer, artist, musician, or entrepreneur.

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