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Charlie Banana Bottom

We are in what we HOPE is the last stage of potty training. Jayden is at the point where if he even gets a little tinkle on his training pant, he doesn’t want to wear it anymore! It’s so frustrating because we are TIRED of buying and wasting training pants! Ultimately, what we want is to be able to trust him in his “unnies”. But for some reason, when he wears them, they cause him to regress.

To cut down on purchasing training pants, we still use cloth diapers. After all, they are supposed to encourage potty training since they don’t separate the moisture from the bum and diaper. And what kid wants to walk around with a wet bottom? In addition to cloth diapers, we’ve been using a cloth training pant sent to us by Charlie Banana. Their absorbent training pants are made of organic cotton and fit like a comfy pair of underwear. They aren’t quite “unnies” but Jay still feels like a big boy while wearing them. They are a little thicker than I had imagined, but I guess I should consider that larger accidents do occur. As for price, I am unsure. There is one listed on eBay for $15.99. Since it is made of organic cotton, it is a tad pricey.

Bottoms Up

In addition to the training pant, Charlie Banana also sent over a 2 in 1 One Size Orbit diaper. It is one of my favorite cloth diapers, not because of its cool spaceship design, but for how it fits. It hugs around Jayden’s thighs perfectly (to contains leaks) and is sort of low rise so it doesn’t go all up his back. The leg elastics are adjustable to fit leaner or chunkier legs. Another neat feature of the 2 in 1 One Size diaper is the front flap opening for easy access to washable or disposable inserts. Charlie Banana includes not one, but two reusable inserts.

Charlie Banana 2 in 1 One Size diapers are are designed with a series of aplix snaps (I prefer these over velcro) so that I can get the perfect fit according to the width of Jayden’s waist. The one size diapers fit newborn up to toddler, so when we’re done with it, we can put it away for the next baby. Charlie Banana diapers retail for $19.99, which is not bad considering that they are well made and come with two inserts.

Charlie Banana Bottom

Charlie Banana carries other diapering essentials such as cloth wipes and mattress pads, and feminine care products such as cloth panty liners and nursing pads. And you can get their products at common retailers like Target, Amazon, and Charlie Banana will donate a percentage of all sales worldwide to Operation Smile, so you can feel confident knowing your purchases will make a difference.


Saturday 22nd of October 2011

Charlie Banana diapers are great! The training pants are awful for multiple reasons- bulky, only one size, only one color, leak!!, fit poorly and did I say leak? I was excited to get them too cause the diapers are beautiful, fit well and don't leak. My DD hated the trainer cause they're kind of ugly and plain. I made her try them on anyways and yes it's soft but so bulky that her bum looked like Kim Kardashian's and her pants strained over them. My DD is 24 months and 21lb so quite small. Despite the bulk, they fit her waist and thighs ok. I can't imagine a 3 yr old or bigger child in these trainers. They boast a PUL waterproof layer&terry padding which I guess why they're so big. I assumed this meant leak protection- it doesn't. My DD only has occassional pee accidents away from home so I wanted protection in the playground or birthday parties, etc., We tried these at the park&DD was running around and realized need to pee. By the time she ran to me, she had peed a bit&was upset. We went to the bathroom and she finished pee. Now although I want her to feel the wet&know these aren't for sleep, multiple pees or a pullup diaper, I still expected more from such a popular diaper company and for the steep price. I don't recommend this trainer at all. Save your money and buy underwear for same comfort and feel. For waterproof or leak protection buy a diff trainer.


Saturday 22nd of October 2011

Thanks for you input! We never had an accident in our trainer so it's good to know!


Wednesday 19th of January 2011

Oh, I envy you so! I wish I was where ya'all were in this process. We are JUST beginning! I love the sound of these cloth diapers, what a neat idea. I think we'll check them out when we're a little farther along.

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