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Choosing A DSLR: Canon or Nikon?

Choosing A DSLR: Canon or Nikon?

When it comes to buying a DSLR camera, the biggest question we all hear is, “Canon or Nikon?” There’s a good reason why this question is pretty common, because they’re both reputable companies that dominate the camera industry. Canon and Nikon, the top two brands in photography, have a lot of similarities, but they also have a few differences that could make you lean one way or the other. Below are some important comparisons that may help you decide on which brand is for you.

Ease of use

Canon has been known to have a few more buttons and be a little more difficult to use as far as setup is concerned. Of course, the perk to this is the fact that you have more control over the settings, but if you are new to using cameras, the fancier Canons especially, can look overwhelming. Nikon is a little more user-friendly and doesn’t have as many settings and buttons which is often why it’s a beginner’s choice if they are serious about getting into photography. Nikons or Canons are great for any level of photography but Nikon is well-known for being a little more user-friendly than Canon. However, Canon has been releasing some cameras that have some amazing controls for those who care to have overly detailed command of your camera.

Choosing A DSLR: Canon or Nikon?


It depends on the type of camera that you are wanting to get as both Canon and Nikon provide great prices for basic DSLRs. Canon seems to be a tad bit higher in cost for the entry level cameras. However, there’s not a huge difference in cost and is often not even noticed. Canon’s entry level camera offers more color settings. Nikon, however, offers a guide mode within the camera just in case you need to figure out a function and don’t have your manual handy. Both have their perks and pitfalls which is why the brand you choose will depend on what you like more. Would you rather have the manual handy and pay a few less dollars or pay a few more dollars and have some extra shooting options? If you are looking at lens prices, Canon beats Nikon at this however, there’s no apparent reason why or how they do.

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Lens Compatibility

Both Nikon and Canon have done amazing at making sure your lenses will fit their cameras no matter how old they are. Lenses as far back as the 1970’s will work on the newest Nikon cameras and lenses as far back as the 1980’s will work on the newest Canon cameras. Lenses can seem like they cost a pretty penny, however, as you can see, they can last a lifetime and still work on anything Nikon or Canon is releasing.


Overall, when comparing the two brands, there’s no winner or loser. Both brands offer amazing products and are constantly trying to keep up with each other in technology. Hence, why the differences aren’t extreme and as black and white as some might expect. The better thing to compare is not really the brand in general but the camera overall. offers comprehensive camera comparisons where you can enter any two cameras and they will provide a detailed comparison of the two in layman’s terms. Figure out what’s most important to you in a DSLR camera including a set budget and compare away until you find a camera you love.

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