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Chronic Pregnancy Test Taking Syndrome

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Confession. I have chronic pregnancy test taking syndrome. It’s not something that I do often… just when I’m pregnant, haha. Whether planned or a surprise, those days leading up to a missed cycle can be nerve wracking. With Jayden, I only took two tests. I was good and pregnant before even realizing. It was my first pregnancy, I wasn’t showing, and many of the symptoms that I experienced matched the side-effects of quitting birth control (Depo-Provera). The first test was obviously a big fat yes. Since there were two in the box I figured I’d be EXTRA sure.

Then came Jaxon and the start of my chronic pregnancy test taking syndrome. Since we had planned for him, I was more aware. By then I was more in tune with my body so I instinctively knew I was pregnant within days of conception. I started testing 7 days post ovulation and got a faint positive. Twelve days post ovulation? Big fat positive. I must have gone through 11 tests between the initial testing and weeks before my first OB appointment. Sounds a bit OCD right?

Well, my obsession didn’t stop there. With Tiny Human #3, I managed to use only seven tests. We weren’t exactly trying, but on several occasions referenced the Chinese Lunar Calendar for the opportune time to try for a girl. We also mentioned that we’d probably end up pregnant soon with Jaxon weaning and all. After conception, those mama instincts kicked in again and I started my habitual testing around the same time as I did with Jaxon. Had to be sure! 

Pregnancy testing has changed drastically throughout the years and the technology keeps on getting better. First Response has redesigned their advanced Early Detection Pregnancy Test in a way that will diminish those awkward and troublesome moments that come with determining pregnancy. The improvements include a longer curved handle, large easy-to-read window, and a 50% wider testing tip for easier use. If you are in the market for pregnancy tests, you can find the First Response Early Detection Pregnancy Test at your local Walgreens or CVS store. And if you have chronic pregnancy test taking syndrome like me, you may wanna download this here $2 off coupon.

Do you have chronic pregnancy test taking syndrome? Share your story!

Candice Selby

Friday 26th of June 2015

Haha! I definitely have chronic pregnancy test taking syndrome. Still waiting to become pregnant with #1 one day soon so, whenever I feel extra tired, a little nauseous, etc. I'm ready to take a test. It used to be really bad but, now I don't test as much out of fear of disappointment. One day I'll get to see a big, fat positive though. Congrats on baby #3!!

Sheena Tatum

Saturday 27th of June 2015

Thanks! Sending lots of baby dust your way!!! XO

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