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Cleaning Is Giving You Headaches? Help Yourself To These Tips

There can be any number of reasons why someone doesn’t like cleaning. They could be unwell or grumpy that day, it is maybe someone else’s mess they’re supposed to clean, or too much vapor from cleaning agents is suffocating them and giving real headaches.

But the home has to be cleaned eventually, one way or another, and so why not do it in the easiest way possible, as to avoid unneeded headaches and bad temper because of a chore that you’d rather do later. 

Clean a Bit Every Day

Hard stains, heavily oxidized remains of food or other liquids, mold growing in hard-to-reach places… All of those things are quite the challenge to remove and are usually just made worse by waiting. If you postpone cleaning for tomorrow, day after day until some guests have to arrive – you will be in trouble as not only will you have a lot to clean, but it will also take a lot more effort to do it. 

So – make it a habit to clean after yourself, or just around yourself, every day to maintain a certain level of cleanliness. This routine should be something simple, like quickly wiping the floor with a wet mop where you frequent to walk in shoes, or picking up crumbs from the kitchen counter when you’ve finished eating. Small steps like these take no time at all but make a difference later on.

Get Someone to Help You

If you live a busy life or have some sort of disability that makes cleaning difficult and something you dread doing, consider getting someone to clean instead. The team from noted that there are various options on the market, from heavy-duty cleaning if someplace has yet to be moved into, to weekly hygienic maintenance. Looking at it from another angle – when calling in someone to clean for money, they will also bring their own equipment and will know exactly what cleaning agents to use where.

So you neither have to keep cleaning tools at your place (imagine having to buy an expensive wet vacuum only to use it twice a year?) nor do you have to go through the endless number of specialized cleaning chemicals that are being offered today. 

Calculate the Right Concentration

As disinfectants and most cleaning agents are usually chemical compounds made to oxidize and dissolve dirt, they can be very harmful to us if consumed, or even if they touch our skin. That is why we should be careful to follow the instructions presented on the label on what the proper, or maximum, concentration is needed for effective cleaning, and not overdo it. 

As most of these chemicals are concentrated, they need to be diluted (usually in water) to achieve a proper working solution. Concentrations are given as percents, and are calculated as such: 

Percent by volume = (volume of solute/volume of solution) x 100%

With this simple formula, you will always easily know what you are working on. 

Brooms, Brushes, Bottles…

If you are cleaning by yourself make sure to have a selection of tools at your disposal. Brooms, for example, should be differentiated as those used for outside (porches and pavements) and those for inside. Vacuums are generally all-purpose appliances, yet if cleaning around a workshop note that the in-home ones are easily broken if sawdust or pieces of metal get jammed inside. 

Also, there are some cleaning chemicals that are good for one purpose, such as cleaning floors, while others are more acidic and should never be used as such but are better for removing scale. See their labels for more details. 

Don’t Overdo It

And not to only rush you into it – remember that anything in excess is unhealthy, even cleaning. Studies have shown that children that are growing up in extremely clean environments tend to have a much weaker immune system and are susceptible to allergies. And not only that, but vapors from cleaning agents can cause harm if present in too great of a concentration, so make sure you air the room that is being cleaned.

The least of your worries is getting tired while cleaning, though we all know that it can be very physically demanding sometimes, especially if you have to move furniture around to get to some inaccessible places. So take your time, don’t rush it, and don’t overdo it. 

They don’t have to be literal headaches for us to not want to clean the home, but imagine the headache when you realize one day that you are living in filth? None have to stand such conditions and know that you know a few tips that can help you with it – go and help yourself to some cleaning.

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