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This is the way I shop for coats.

When shopping for a coat, many factors are taken into consideration. When looking for a coat, what matters most to me is that first and foremost, it’s warm. I choose a coat based on thickness, insulation, and length. I am passed the age where I feel the need to look cute, leaving my behind exposed to the wind. Shivering does not = cute. So a coat has to cover my bum. I don’t wear hats and scarves all of the time, so I always look for a coat with a nice hood. Living in the Snowbelt/Windy City, you need a good hood regardless. The wind is fierce. Honey Badger fierce.

Once I have my contenders for warmth, I look at style and detail. Name brands are a plus, but they don’t matter much to me. They’re just the icing on the cake. It just makes you feel good to have lucked up on a warm, form fitting, detailed… name brand coat … especially if it was on sale! My last coat was an Anne Klein. I don’t know much about the brand, but it was a nice coat and it sure was warm. It doesn’t take much to please me… or maybe it does after reading this review, lol.

I was asked by Mom Spark Media to participate in a Quality Coat Challenge. I was sent four name brand coats to evaluate for market research. To prevent bias, I wasn’t told the brand who sponsored this challenge. I was simply asked to take the coats and pick ’em apart. So here goes!


Gap – $99.00

When I saw the GAP logo on the plastic packaging, I was excited! Then I pulled the coat out of the bag. It was a pretty basic coat, no bells no whistles. No hood, no extra detail, but it was a heavy, thick, coat. But it didn’t cover my butt… it did compliment my curves – cute factor! I describe this coat as a basic coat that I’d run errands in. A coat that I’m not afraid to snag on something or get dirty. Something I’d pair with a crazy hat and scarf. Something funky and bright. Oh hi, freshly twisted locs! It’s was a good hair day.


L.L. Bean – $179.00

When I got to the L.L. Bean package, I was a bit apprehensive. Through the packaging, I saw a green coat, an olive meets forest green coat. I pulled it out and thought, “Oh.” Besides the color, it had an old lady vibe going on. And it was on the thin side. It was long enough to cover my bum, had a pretty snug hood (fur was a little weird), and the belt buckle although a pain to fumble with was a nice touch. Hi hips! “Ok.” So I had to remember this was L.L. Bean and they are an outdoorsy, camp out at the lodge kinda brand. This was definitely not a coat I’d wear as my main coat, but maybe I could get used to it? With a stylish hat and scarf. Something eclectic. It did have a vintage charm to it. I can dig it.


Lands’ End – $179.50

Next up was the Lands’ End coat. I just knew this coat was going to be great. It was heavy and long, had some neck insulation, and a nice hood. I really liked the detail, all of the buttons, zippers, and pulls. I love that kind of stuff. Besides the hand/glove pockets, there was a breast pocket for gadgets as well as another pocket in the same area inside. This would be my everyday casual coat. The wrist cuffs were lined with soft fleece, which was a simple touch that I very much appreciated. P.S. I have been secretly wanting to review for Lands’ End. I got my wish :D.


Nautica – $199.00

Last, but not least was the Nautica coat! I was most excited about this coat because of the brand name, surely enough it lived up to it’s brand image. It was cream – hello! How classy? Okay, so this coat had an amazing hood lined in wool and fit snug despite having no hood strings. The detail that went into this coat was wonderful. The square shaped hand pockets, two breast pockets and heavy zipper hardware. This coat was an absolute winner! Inside, there were elastic pulls to tighten around the waist. In the photo, I didn’t tighten them because I didn’t notice them until… just now, lol. So now I can get that curvey effect like the vintage L.L. Bean coat. I would have liked to see fleece wrist cuffs in this coat, but as far as warmth, functionality, and fashion is concerned, Nautica won me over completely. Since this coat is cream, I won’t be wearing it as much as the Land’s End coat. This coat is more of a nice jeans and boots, I’m going to an event, but don’t want to freeze coat. Very feminine.

So this concludes Coat Shopping with Sheena. What are your thoughts on the coats I reviewed? What qualities do you look for when shopping for a coat? Does brand play a part?

The Quality Coat Review was a blind review. In order to give my unbiased opinions, I am unaware of the company that sponsored the effort. While the opinions are my own, I am being compensated through Mom Spark Media for my time. And any opinions that I have towards the coats themselves do not necessarily reflect my opinions of their brands. Read my full disclosure policy here.


Tuesday 15th of November 2011

I like all of 'em, even though I'm partial to hats instead of hoods. However, since you look like you're about 18 years old in all of 'em - any one would do. :-)


Wednesday 16th of November 2011

Aww, thank you, hehehe :).

Karla Porter Archer

Tuesday 15th of November 2011

First of all - you look all sorts of fabulous in all of the coats (even the one you said had an "old lady" feel to it) -- seriously.

The Land's End and Nautica ones are exceptional looking - love the styles and the lengths.

My only thought is that the cream color makes me nervous -- the inner and backside part of coat sleeves always end up nasty looking on lighter coats, and I've never found a magic way to keep them clean...

(*waving and winking to Land's End -- feel free to contact me*)


Wednesday 16th of November 2011

Thank you! Yes, the cream makes me nervous... the sleeves sure do end up a nasty mess on regularly worn coats and if you brush up against dirty snow residue on the car... ick! Hope Land's End lands you way! I still don't know what brand sponsored this challenge... will find out soon!

Krissy @ Mommy Miscellaneous

Thursday 10th of November 2011

I just came across your blog and I'm so in love with it! HI. :)

I actually love the last two coats.   They look crazy warm and very fashionable.  The green and first black one are so cliche...they've been done before. :) 


Wednesday 16th of November 2011

Hi Krissy,

Thanks for stopping by. So glad that you enjoy it, that means a lot to me! I'll have to check your blog out! "The green and first black one are so cliche...they've been done before. :)" - love it!

The Suburbanista

Thursday 10th of November 2011

I haven't had to actually go clothes shopping in years. I love that my mom knows my style so well she picks up everything for me. I HATE shopping for anything besides books..or handbags....


Wednesday 16th of November 2011

You're so spoiled, lol.

Wednesday 9th of November 2011

I love them all. You rock them, chick. :)


Wednesday 16th of November 2011

Aww, thanks, Bran :).

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