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Common Issues When Building a Custom Home

Many people dream of building a custom home. It gives you the opportunity to choose the size of the house, the layout, the décor, and all the other small details that make you love your home on a daily basis. 

However, it is also a complicated process and you are best off using the services of a specialist in custom-built homes, it will help you to avoid the most common issues.

Lack Of understanding Of the Process

It’s not as simple as finding a piece of land and starting to build. You need to ensure it is constructive, request permission to build, submit plans for approval, choose the build material, and even connect to facilities.

That’s all before you start building. This process is also complicated and often leads to a buyer having a home that wasn’t exactly what they hoped for. The secret is to communicate at every step of the journey, this will ensure the finished house is exactly what you expected. 


Many companies use third parties for specific elements of the job. However, if the work of the third parties isn’t inspected properly you can end up with a house that doesn’t meet construction standards. You need to ensure your chosen builder and their subcontractors are inspected regularly to ensure the integrity of the house.

Forgetting To Create A Fixed Contract

In the beginning, a verbal or open-ended contract is fine. But, when you expect the house to be ready and it drags on well past this date, you’ll wish you have taken the time to create a closed contract.

This specifies the finish date and what penalties the builder will incur if the date is missed. It keeps the builder motivated and makes it much easier for you to negotiate when they are going past the due date.

Not Creating A Prototype

At the very least you need to have blueprints created and these should be done by an architect. This is because they have knowledge of what works in the property, including the strength of different materials and whether the design you want is feasible. 

Alongside this, it verifies the flow and ensures that everything is positioned correctly. 

It can help to turn the blueprints into a prototype, effectively a miniature version of the house. This allows you to see the detail and ensures that all parties are working toward the same result. 

Trying To Do It Yourself

Many people make the mistake of choosing all the best parts of friends and family houses and then putting them together, believing they are making their dream home. They may then even start the building process. However, there are complex regulations surrounding house building and you need to make sure everything is up to standard. Trying to do it yourself is rarely a good option and is likely to lead to heartache.

Getting professional help at each stage will help to ensure that your custom-built house is the dream home you wanted and not a disaster.

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