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Common Signs It’s Time for a Career Change After Kids

It’s amazing how our values change the moment we become pregnant and turn into mothers. From the moment we hold our newborn babies in our arms and gaze down at their beautiful faces, falling madly in love with them, all of our priorities start to shift. Suddenly the 9-to-5 grind is less important, and the only thing that matters in the entire world is peering back up at us.

As women, it’s absolutely normal to experience a shift in our goals and desires in life from our early twenties to our thirties and beyond. Gunning for that raise, or working overtime to impress your boss in the hopes of a promotion, just doesn’t have the same appeal anymore. But is a career change really right for you, and should you be looking for other jobs when your current one seems just fine?

The fact is, even if your job seems okay on the surface, you may not have realized that it’s no longer bringing you joy anymore. There’s nothing wrong with realizing that your previous career is no longer a good fit for you, especially after the birth of your first or second child. If your job is no longer satisfying you, or you find yourself yearning for a change, here are a few clues that it may be time to look for a different career path.

The Commute is Intolerable

Most people can easily admit that they do not like their daily commute, and why should they? Spending an hour or longer in a traffic jam while still half-asleep (or when you just want to get home), while others honk their horns and swear around you? No, thank you! If you feel like you seriously can’t even handle sitting in traffic for one more day, this may mean it’s time to make a career switch. There are so many opportunities to work remotely these days, many jobs which used to be office based can now be performed from anywhere with a good broadband connection and laptop. Whether you want to start working remotely for a company as a remote court reporter or project manager or start up your own business using the skills you’ve already gained in your career. 

Your Duties Now Bore You

Remember when you first were offered your job, and you were so starry-eyed and excited to prove yourself to your team? What happened? If you’re trudging into work these days, barely going through the routines to meet deadlines and submit your projects, then it could be a not-so-subtle hint that your job has run its course and it’s time to look for something new.

You Miss Being at Home

It’s normal to think about your home and family while at work, and it’s safe to say that most people probably spend a large portion of their workday thinking about being with their families. But if you’re getting distracted about the desire of wanting to be with your kiddos when you should be focused on negotiating insurance contracts, then maybe your thoughts are telling you something. You needed to be at home, like, yesterday.

You’re Not Advancing Anymore

Here’s a hard question for you: when’s the last time you’ve gotten a raise or a promotion at work? Has it been greater than six months or a year? If so, then it could be a sign that your work isn’t valued and you’re simply wasting your time every day when you clock in. Feeling like you’re stuck in limbo is an entirely unpleasant experience, and nobody likes to feel taken advantage of at work. If this is you, then perhaps it’s time to walk.

You’ve Picked Up Bad Habits

Every morning starts with good intentions. We’re going to pack a healthy lunch, sip water instead of coffee or soda at work, and go on a jog when we get back home. Then you get to work and choose fast food over that salad, work through a half pot of coffee, and then veg on the couch until bedtime after the kids go to bed. Does that sound like you at all? These bad habits don’t mean you’re a failure; it means you’re miserable at work, and you’re long overdue for a change.

You’re Picking Fights with Everyone

You’d probably consider yourself a fairly reasonable and kind person, so it probably confuses you when you start picking at your spouse or your kids for no apparent reason. Why are you suddenly so hostile and upset all the time? While our fluctuating hormones can be to blame for some mood changes, if it continues on and seems relentless, it doesn’t mean you’re a bad wife or mom. It could mean that you’re burnt out at work, though.

Is a Career Change Right for You?

As mothers, we often go through ups and downs in our lives. From trying to bring our children up the very best we can, to wanting to be a good wife to our husbands, it really isn’t easy for us sometimes. However, by tuning in to your body’s signals, you can be aware of when it’s telling you that you may be ready for a career change. And by listening to it, you can help make sure you make the most out of your work-life balance — and enjoy being both a mom and an employee, too!

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