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Completing Our Energy Efficient Light Bulb Mission

We’ve been using CFL light bulbs in our home for at least five years. As a way to conserve energy and save money, it just made sense. CFL bulbs last 7-9 years (we haven’t had one go out yet) so they are worth the initial investment. With so many rooms to buy light bulbs for, we’ve stalled on replacing them all. Some rooms still had traces of incandescent light bulbs and it was time to fix that.


Um yea. Like yesterday.

We also had two types of CFL bulbs throughout the house; soft white and daylight. I’ve grown to love my daylight bulbs especially for indoor photography. Everything appears bright and true to color and that makes me happy. So after making sure every lamp and fixture contained a CFL bulb, I planned to get rid of those soft white bulbs that gave off that “You’re indoors” feeling.


GE invited me to go shopping for enough Energy Smart bulbs needed for my home, so this was my chance to finish the ongoing project of replacing light bulbs. I made a list of rooms in need of new light bulbs and I head to Walmart for some shopping.


I started grabbing bulbs not even looking at the brand. For a moment I forgot that I was shopping for GE bulbs, but realized I was on the right track – the entire aisle was nothing but GE bulbs. It was hard to grab any other brand since GE dominated the aisle and they were the cheapest. One thing that I noticed were the little tags on the shelf from Energizing Indiana. They work with local retailers to provide instant discounts on commonly used residential lighting products. I received a discount on my bulbs which was a nice touch.


I quickly grabbed what I needed. I cleared out all of the 100w daylight bulbs. I still needed 3 more packs, but I opted for 75w instead. I could use the 75w in areas where I didn’t need them to be super-duper bright.


When I returned home, it was time to go to work on our lamps and light fixtures. It felt so good to finally tackle this project. Now all of our lighting is consistent and we’ll be saving even more money on our energy bill… and trust, Greg will be monitoring the energy consumption, lol. I’ll report back later next month with any findings. In the meantime check out my shopping and bulb replacing experience here and calculate how much you can save using Energy Smart bulbs using the GELighting Savings Calculator. If I calculated correctly, we should save almost $300/year! Until next time!


Jayden as he saw the pretty white lights grace his playroom.

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Azslyn Cole

Tuesday 29th of May 2012

I definitely believe that these light bulbs save tons of money you spend more for them but in the long run they are a great investment i have tried them myself and they are worth it =}

Jacquie Haymon

Tuesday 29th of May 2012

We have been looking for ways to more cost efficient around here. This is a good way to get started.

Idaho Jill

Monday 28th of May 2012

I've never seen 'daylight lights' - will have to look sometime. We have changed out some of our bulbs, but not all...

Cindy Brooks

Monday 28th of May 2012

I just can't bring myself to change over to CFLs. I hate that waiting time for them to brighten up. When we're staying in a hotel or somewhere that has them, I find myself leaving the lights on to avoid that. There go those savings! I also haven't found any that I think are bright enough. I like it BRIGHT! I hoping by the time I use up the 10-year supply of incandescents (I'm not kidding) in my pantry the CFLs will have been perfected! Good for you for getting your project completed and getting that perfect photo of Jayden :)


Monday 28th of May 2012

I use the daylight bulbs because they are super bright. Also check out the Bright from the Start CFL's... no "loading" time!



Wednesday 23rd of May 2012

I've slowly been phasing out my old light bulbs. I've never noticed the daylight bulbs before. I'll have to check those out.

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