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Could Your Dog Benefit from a Coat on Your Next Trip?

When you travel with your dog, you should definitely take the weather into account, both on the way to and at your destination. Depending on the location and time of you, both you and your dog may be experiencing extreme temperatures and you should prepare accordingly. 

Different Breeds Have Different Needs    

Your dog’s breed—as well as their size, type of coat, health, and age—plays a role in determining how well your pooch adapts to different temperatures. Dogs that have thick coats, like Huskies, Malamutes, Samoyeds, and Newfoundlands, are suited for the cold and can play in the snow. 

Short-haired dogs and toy and small breeds, like Chihuahuas, dachshunds, terriers, and others, need to have extra layers when they’re out in the cold. Smaller breeds, elder dogs, puppies, and dogs that aren’t used to the cold weather would need cold weather clothing, too.

Keep Your Dog Safe

If you and your dog are from a warm climate traveling to a colder climate, it’s best to give them protection until they get used to the cooler climate. Cold-weather outfits, raincoats, and other gear from reputable vendors like Hurtta Canada will be great for your dog when going on a trip.  

You’d also want to keep an eye on them when they’re wearing a jacket. They might become too warm, so watch out for early signs of overheating, like heavy panting and drooling. Also, heavy jackets can impede their movements. In any case, if it gets too warm, you can take their coat off.   

Rainy climates would necessitate waterproof coats. Remember, it’s always better to err on the side of caution. So, bring whatever coat you think your dog would need on your trip. 

Means of Travel 

Traveling by car would be the least stressful way for your dog to travel. You’ll have control of the temperature, so conditions will be stable. Just keep in mind that temperatures inside the car can rise or fall rapidly during summer or winter, so it is very risky to leave your dog alone inside your car.  

Air travel can be stressful for both you and your pet. If they are a bigger dog, they will be flying in the cargo hold, so temperature can be a real concern. Your pet is most at risk while on the ground before take-off. Many cargo areas aren’t heated or airconditioned sufficiently. It can get hot or frigid during the wait before loading and take off.  

You’d have to consider too that live animals are the last ones to be loaded, so the wait can be a while.  

Take a Trip in Spring or Fall

No matter what your means of travel will be, the best time for you and your dog to go on a trip is during spring or fall when temperatures are more manageable. Fall is an excellent time for traveling with your dog since the weather is cooler, but not too cold. You and your furry friend would get to spend time outdoors and they won’t be overheated. But if you’re taking your dog on an adventure, there are some jackets you can get to ensure their safety.

Types of Jackets for Your Dog

So, what type of coats should you bring for your pooch for your trip? There are several types, so you would have no trouble finding what’s perfect for your dog. Of course, you’d have to take into account what your activities are going to be like on your trip—do you intend to be walking and romping around in the snow, or do you just want them protected from the cold? You will also have to decide whether they’ll need a waterproof coat or not.    


The most comfortable and easiest outwear for your pooch. However, sweaters aren’t waterproof and take some time to dry. If you don’t plan to go where they’re going to get wet and just need an extra layer, a sweater would be the right (and adorable) choice. 

Waterproof Jackets

If you’re going to a place where you and your dog have a good chance of getting wet, a waterproof jacket is a must. This type of jacket may not be stylish, but the important thing is it can keep your dog warm and, due to its waterproof layer, comfortably dry. 

Dog Fleece

With a warm, comfortable, and soft finish, your dog would feel snug and cozy in this jacket. Fleece is a great choice for your dog to wear during those nippy autumn days. 

Dog Parka and Snowsuit

Taking your dog skiing or snowboarding? Then parkas are in order. Not only will these keep them warm and comfortable, but they would also look very stylish. With a snowsuit, they would have no trouble playing with you in the snow.

Insect-Protection Coat

These coats are for taking a trip where there are insects. The look is utilitarian, but these coats would protect your dog from fleas, ticks, and other nasty insects.  

Paw Protection   

Their body may be protected, but don’t forget their paws! Don’t let them walk ‘barepaw’ in the snow as their paws might get frostbitten. Get appropriate dog booties for those walks in the snow, hot sand, or asphalt.


Some dogs are better protected against the elements, while others may not be. Dogs can be thick-coated, short-haired, giant, toy-sized, short-legged, or long-legged. They have different requirements for different kinds of environments—it all depends on their breed, size, age, and overall health. Keep their needs in mind when taking them on trips. 


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