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The Easiest & Damage-Free Chalkboard Wall


With baby #3 due any week now, I’m doing a little nesting; not so much baby related but finishing home projects that will make our household function better. One simple project that we completed over the weekend was a “faux” chalkboard wall in the boys’ room. In our last rental we had a few walls that I had painted with chalkboard paint and this time around, I don’t want to bother with repainting anything when we move out. The solution? Chalkboard contact liner. It adheres to the wall and removes easily without damaging the wall.

Since we are welcoming baby soon, I thought it’d be nice to spruce up the boys’ room a bit to make them feel special. So the chalkboard wall is part of that. As a lifestyle blogger, it’d also serve as the perfect backdrop for photo shoots… especially during the winter when we can’t run outside to shoot outfits.



Wash cloth
Soap and water solution
Chalkboard contact liner
X-acto knife
Chalk Eraser



Prep the wall by lightly cleaning it with soap and water. Let it dry completely before applying the contact paper. This will ensure that it adheres properly.


While the wall is drying, cut enough strips of chalkboard liner to cover your wall. Once dry, apply liner to walls using your very best bubble smoothing moves. Use an X-acto knife to trim around outlets and any excess around the baseboard and ceiling.


Allow for your project to be hijacked by the nearest munchkin.


Prime the chalkboard liner with chalk. Scribble. Erase. Repeat. Boom.


Your chalkboard wall will have more of a matte finish the more you draw and erase on it.

I hope you enjoyed this simple DIY project. As always, if you decide to try it, feel free to tag me so I can see! Now that our chalkboard wall is complete, I feel much better about baby’s arrival. This wall will make my life so much easier as I shoot family photos and blog content. And of course the boys now have a little something extra to keep them occupied.


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