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Date Night Ideas for Busy Moms and Dads

Photo by Taryn Elliott from Pexels

Being a parent is a full-time job. Juggling a career and a job takes a toll on most parents, and most of them admit that they hardly have time for themselves. But, having some time together with your spouse strengthens your relationship and helps you to unwind.

Here are some ideas for your overdue date night:

  1. Watch a Movie:

Booking a movie or heading to the theater may seem too taxing if you’re tired after a demanding day. Watching a Netflix movie, YouTube clips, or Amazon movies may be a better alternative. You may also opt to rent a movie or binge-watch your favorite show.

Make some homemade popcorn to accompany the night. You can also get creative and make some snacks at home. Cuddle on the sofa after the kids are asleep and watch the shows together.

  1. A Night At The Casino:

Casinos are open until late at night. Visit one even after a hectic day at work. Playing popular casino table games gives you an exhilarating and exciting rush. It will relax you after a stressful day. Popular casino table games include Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat among others.

You can hire a sitter after the kids are asleep and head to the casino. Conclude the night with a romantic night in your bedroom with a relaxing drink and music.

  1. Enjoy a Homemade Meal:

Prepare something special for yourselves, and once the kids are in bed, you can have the meal without interruptions. Prepare for the night as you would when going out for a date. Have special music playing in the background. Buy candles or have a comfortable bulb with warm colors to evoke feelings of a cozy night. Treat yourself to a sumptuous meal that you would ordinarily have in a restaurant. 

You can also opt to order food from a reputable restaurant that offers a decent menu. Wind down with a decent wine as you wash down the meal.

  1. Experience the Outdoors:

Go on a relaxing short romantic walk together. Have a drink or a meal on the deck or your patio with the dark background of the night.

Have a night picnic. Carry a blanket, a simple meal, and a drink on a warm night. Stargaze in the process as you have a romantic talk or a laugh in the tranquility of the night. To maximize the experience, make sure you have the baby monitor and the kids asleep.

  1. Get Creative:

There is a lot of creative stuff you can do once the kids are asleep. It doesn’t have to be a particularly rigorous activity. It doesn’t have to be complicated either. Just a simple project of something that you both enjoy doing will do. It can be filling up a puzzle or a crossword. You can even decide to paint on a canvas or a blank wall in your house. You can choose to paint a section of your house together. Or gradually renovate an area of your home without the distractions of the kids.

Making a vision board that incorporates both of your dreams is also a good idea. Turn on some soft music and hit the floor. Teach other creative dance moves that you both enjoy. You can opt to listen to some of your favorite music and reminisce some good times together.

Have an indoor garden where you can spend time together. You can also practice your indoor hobbies together or play board games like monopoly, ludo, snakes and ladders, and others.

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