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Dealing With The 5 Biggest Challenges for Hospitality in 2021

Photo by Belle Co from Pexels

There is little doubt that the hospitality industry has suffered during 2020. In many countries across the globe, hospitality businesses have been forced to close, many for extended periods of time. Some of these businesses will never open again, others will. But they’ll face a difficult 2021. 

In short, they’re going to need to overcome the following five challenges:


The cleanliness of any hospitality-based business has always been inspected. From mystery shoppers to consumer complaints, there are few businesses that experience such heavy scrutiny from customers as well as officials. 

Any business in hospitality is going to need to ensure they get high-quality and reputable hospitality supplies. This will help them to show their customers that they are operating a germ-free environment, helping to keep staff and customers safe.

Businesses that can’t meet the necessary standards are likely to be deserted by customers. 


As businesses start to reopen and the COVID-19 vaccine starts to roll across the nation, a semblance of normality will return. This will drive the opening of hospitality businesses. However, customers are likely to continue to be wary. This means an increased level of competition in the sector for the few available customers. 

Being able to cut prices and maintain standards will be instrumental to the success of the industry. Of course, having an edge will also help.   


Hospitality businesses also need to contend with modern technology. Some of this is beneficial as it allows more people to book and check into places remotely. But, other tech, such as the tracing apps, needs to be mastered in order to ensure customers feel safe. 

The businesses that thrive will be those prepared to embrace technology and move with it. 

Talent Retention

Another major issue facing hospitality businesses is the hiring and retention of talent. As the marketplace becomes increasingly competitive, having the right staff will help any business to succeed. This is particularly true when dealing with chefs. 

Businesses will need to create retention programs that ensure every member of staff is happy, regardless of the exact pay they are getting or being offered elsewhere. 

Getting talent can be hard, but getting it to stay can be much harder. Unfortunately, it’s imperative for the survival of the business.


To help bring customers in and ensure they start to trust the industry again you’ll need to create individual solutions. If a customer feels you’re taking hygiene seriously and you’re giving them a personal service they will be inclined to return and use your services over and over again. 

If you want to survive and even flourish in 2021 you’re going to need to ensure that your customers don’t just have confidence in your hygiene practices, they need to experience the personal touch.

This will help them to feel comfortable, spend money, and tell their friends. 

Taking the time to look after every customer is one of the best ways to ensure your business is in demand, which will keep you afloat.

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