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Decorating A Home Office: A Guide For Busy Mums

Being a mum and doing all you can to raise a child while holding down a job can certainly be hectic at times. Fulfilling the role daily of a successful, busy mum requires you to devote your time to juggling multiple different important things. You need as much sleep as you can get since you need to stay focused and never take your eye off the ball as a mum. Many of us have grown accustomed to working from home in recent times

Remote working, without a doubt, has its perks, particularly when it comes to keeping a beady eye on your little ones as you work from home. When you spend a large chunk of your time working from home, it’s better if you have a home office you can use. Your home office ought to be a serene hub, an ideal spot to spend your time working. However, as a mother, you will know only too well that getting peace and quiet and a bit of time to yourself can sometimes prove challenging. To provide you with some helpful advice, we’ve come up with this piece on decorating a home office for you busy mums out there.

Pick Decorations For Your Home Office That Aren’t Distracting

There’s no problem with loving fun colorful wallpaper with eye-catching jazzy patterns, windchimes, and large household ornaments. However, having overly eccentric decorations in your home office may distract you. A recent survey performed by King’s College London showed that people believe their attention span is now shorter than it used to be. Your work may require you to concentrate intensely for an extended period at home, so do your best to remove any distractions. Unless it’s to look at something connected to your work, you must avoid spending your work time flicking through your smartphone to scroll through your WhatsApp messages, texts, and social media account feeds. So, be minimalist in your approach to the interior design of your home office. Why not go for block colors that are nice and simple for the walls? There’s no need to go and overcomplicate things when it comes to decorating your home office space.

Get Yourself Some Nice Blinds

If you’re fortunate enough to have windows in your home office space, it’s essential to try and let in as much natural light as possible.  Getting higher amounts of vitamin D and natural light has many benefits and can help improve your mental wellbeing. It’s vital to try and stay upbeat to keep you motivated when working from home.

Vertical blinds are a brilliant choice for your home office sanctuary, and they are easy to operate and adjust whenever you like, practical, affordably priced, and attractive looking. Vertical blinds are also simple to clean and maintain, and you can purchase replacement slats when they begin to show signs of wear and tear. Check out this blog page to learn more about vertical blinds from Lifestyle Blinds. Easily adjustable blinds will mean you can let in natural light while also having the option to decide to close them when the sun is getting in your eyes, or you don’t want to get distracted by things going on outside your window as you work.

An Ergonomic Workstation Setup Could Be Ideal For You

Do you spend a lot of your time sitting in a chair and typing on a laptop or computer as you work from home? If so, getting a comfortable ergonomic workstation with suitable desk space and an adjustable chair is essential. Alongside investing in ergonomic office equipment, you also need to work on improving your posture as much as possible. There are many useful techniques and posture positions you can read about to help you look after your spine as you work from a desk that will prevent you from slumping in your office chair. Some of the most straightforward yet most effective advice is to avoid slouching and keep your back and neck as straight as possible and face in front of you. 

Every year, many employees across the UK, remote and non-remote workers, develop back problems, which are exacerbated due to poor posture and sitting at a workstation for hours on end without taking breaks. If you have a young child that you only have to carry on a daily basis, your back is already constantly facing the risk of being damaged. So, make an effort to search thoroughly online and in stores to try and purchase appropriate furniture for your home office that is remarkably comfortable and forgiving on your back.

Being a busy mum isn’t always an easy task, and some days will inevitably be better than others. But there’s no experience more pleasurable and spellbinding than the journey of raising your own child and watching them grow and flourish in the big world as they approach adulthood. Try and be optimistic about working from home, and an excellent place to start is by getting your home office looking lovely. 


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