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Deep Teal / Bronze Christmas Tree Makeover


I’m at it again. Yes, that’s right… more holiday decorating. This time, I’ve decided to give our Christmas tree a makeover. In this post I shared my desire to change things up a bit. I really loved what Dayka did with her tree. It’s kind of funky and non-traditional, plus it uses my ultimate favorite color combo; blue/teal and brown/bronze. Using her tree as an inspiration, I headed to Walmart to grabbed some ribbon and ornaments to give my tree a makeover.


I must have walked passed the mesh ribbon at least 5 times between two separate visits. The width of the ribbon and the lighter blue scared me. I feared it would make my tree look a hot mess. To play it safe, I grabbed some in brown as well. I’d been eyeing shatterproof ornaments in a deep teal. They must have been pretty popular this year because I found the very last set off in another aisle. I also picked up some noodle-shaped glitter ornaments in deep teal and gold.


My initial plans were to twist both teal and brown mesh ribbon together before wrapping around the tree. I realized I didn’t have enough, so I tied them together and went for a gradient effect. I wrapped the base of the tree in teal and the upper portion of the tree in brown. I replaced some of our blue ornaments with the deep teal and added some of the deep teal and gold glitter “noodles” to some random spots.


I didn’t like how our JOY ornaments were blending in with the tree, so I spray painted them Krylon Dover White and went over them with Krylon Glitter Blast. Ahhh, much better.




I am thrilled with how fresh our tree looks now. It’s still traditional, but with a modern touch. It’s a bit brighter and less countrified, lol. I can totally dig it. Next project… DIY tree skirt. Oh, you can learn how I made the polar bear cinnamon clove ornaments here. ‘Til next time. 😉


As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I’ve received compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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