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Destination Home: Think “Staycation” and Create a Relaxing Backyard Oasis

Who says you have to leave your domicile to enjoy a vacation away from the hassles of everyday life? Instead, invest in your own staycation. The fact is, you don’t have to leave home in search of vacation bliss; instead, create your own backyard escape.

Determine Your Needs

Before you start buying stuff and tearing up your yard, it’s important to know exactly how you want the space to function. For example, if you want a place where you can escape with a good book, you might consider building a gazebo with comfy seating and surrounding it with large plants and ivy for added privacy. Or if you entertain regularly, you might want to build a large patio or deck or install a pool.

Designing a Layout For Your Yard

Once you’ve decided how you want to use the space, you need to create a design that’s relaxing and functional. When you’re planning, remember:

  • You should build your outdoor cooking hub as close to the house as possible without creating a fire hazard. This way you don’t have to travel far to load up the grill with goodies and refill your guest’s drinks.
  • If your yard will have a play area for the kids or a swimming pool, your main seating area should be close by. You need to be able to see the kids and swimmers at all times in case of an accident.
  • Consider using strategically placed flower beds, bushes, and small retaining walls to divide areas of your yard in an aesthetically pleasing way. For example, to discourage children from running through the adult seating area, put elevated flower beds between the patio and the designated play area.

Take the Level of Maintenance Needed Into Consideration

Don’t create an elaborate landscaping design filled with flower beds, a swimming pool, and large grassy areas if you aren’t prepared to handle the upkeep required to maintain the look. It takes a lot of time to care for flowers, clean out pools, and mow the lawn, and you need to take that into consideration when you’re making plans.

If you prefer a setup that’s low-maintenance:

  • Limit the amount of grassy space in the yard by installing a large concrete patio area. 
  • Plants bushes and plants instead of flowers because they don’t require as much attention.
  • Install a playset for the kids instead of a swimming pool.
  • Choose patio furniture that’s made from plastic resin to limit the amount of time you spend cleaning it. 
  • Install a weather-proof storage cabinet for outdoor toys and other random items to keep your space tidy.
  • Build a play area for your kids that’s covered with safety foam instead of grass so you have less to mow.

Decorating Your New Outdoor Space

Once you’ve determined your needs and have your landscaping design planned, you can start thinking about how you want to decorate the area. Some things to consider include:

  • The type of appliances you want to include in your outdoor cooking area. Do you want to install a mini fridge along with your outdoor cabinets or would you prefer a more basic grill set up?
  • What type of patio furniture do you want to purchase? Would you prefer something more modern or a more traditional patio dining set complete with a table umbrella?
  • What elements do you want to include to make the space cozier? Indoor-outdoor rugs, side tables decorated with citronella candles to keep mosquitos away, and weather-resistant throw pillows are all small touches that make a huge difference in the vibe your space has.

Creating a backyard oasis ideal for your staycation takes time and planning, but as long as you’re patient and design your space strategically, the end result will be worth the effort. And the best part is, you can enjoy the space for years to come.

Photo by Jonas Ferlin from Pexels

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