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Different Types of House Cladding Materials

Deciding to clad your home s only the first step in the process, you’ll need to take a look at the options available and then decide the right one for your property. You’re not alone, cladding is an extremely popular option at the moment, and it’s understandable why.

Not only is it generally easy to install, but it can also last for years with very little maintenance. Sometimes all you need to do is wash it every year.

This should definitely be a consideration when choosing the right house cladding and the right company to fit it for you.

Here are some of the most popular cladding options currently available:


Wood is one of the most traditional forms of cladding in Australia. This is because it is sustainable and will help your home to blend into the local surroundings.

The fact that wood will also improve the insulation in your home and save you energy can be considered a bonus. This type of cladding is available in a huge range of styles and colors, instantly transforming and revitalizing your home.


If you’re looking for the lowest maintenance option, then this is it! Vinyl cladding is usually white although other colors are available. It is incredibly durable and shouldn’t fade over time. Most importantly, all you need to do is pressure wash it once a year!

It should be noted that this is generally the most cost-effectivesolution.


The first image that pops into your head is probably galvanized metal sheets. While this effect can be used on your home, there are many other options regarding the style and color of your metal cladding.

This type of cladding is coated to protect it from the elements and is a fantastic complement to wood cladding, mixing the two can create a functional and stylish finish to your home.


You may be surprised to find that brick cladding is making a comeback. The idea is to transform your home by cladding it in brick, making it look much older than it is.

You can choose from a range of colors and styles to get the right finish.


Ceramic tiles are not new in the world of cladding. In fact,there is evidence of their usage in ancient Egypt. These are a great choice for creating a stylish, modern looking building. At the same time, ceramic tiles offer a lot of protection for your property.


This is often part of the building process rather than an aftermarket options. Pre-cast concrete panels are created off-site and then brought to the building, creating the outer walls. The concrete can be made in a variety of colors and offers structural strength as well as longevity.


This is perhaps the hottest new trend because it is the most environmentally friendly option. Composite cladding is made from recycled wood and plastic. It often looks like a wood finish but is easier to maintain; perhaps making it the perfect balance if you can’t decide which option to go for.

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