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Discover The Most Common Questions Interior Designer’s Will Ask

If you are thinking about transforming the inside of your home then you may have decided that the expert skills of an interior designer could be beneficial. You wouldn’t be wrong! An expert interior designer will notice things that you don’t and make suggestions that you would never have considered. 

For example, if someone mentioned high-quality beige rugs to you, it is possible you’ll think they are too plain or pale. However, the interior designer will appreciate how well they go with an array of palettes. You can learn more here if you want to see more rug options. 

Get yourself ready for an interior designer by knowing what they are likely to ask:

What Is Your Goal?

This should be the starting point for any interior designer. After all, they need to know what you intend to achieve if they are going to create the perfect design. 

For example, it is very different wanting to create an additional bedroom for a child than it is creating an office space. In addition, are you planning on staying in the house for a number of years or are you hoping the interior décor will boost the value allowing you to get the best price when selling?

How Do You Want To Use the Space?

This is similar to your goal but, how do you want to use the space covers your exact intention for a specific part of your home. For example, you’re fitting a new bathroom and the use of the space will be as a bathroom. But, there is a difference between a secondary or ensuite bathroom.

Are You After High-End Materials Or Low Maintenance?

In a perfect world, everyone would want to use high-end materials with minimal maintenance. However, most people have financial constraints that prevent this from happening. In other words, the interior designer is trying to politely find out about your budget without asking directly.

The more information you give them the easier it will be for them to create the perfect space within budget.

What Do You Love In A Space?

Your interior designer should ask about any features you currently love. Again, honesty is the best policy, the interior designer can tell your personal style from the items you’d like to save and ensure the bit you love the most is incorporated into any new design. That’s important to ensure you are comfortable living there 

Do You Have Colour Preferences?

At this stage, your interior designer is really asking about what colors you love and which ones you hate. If they don’t know then they may do the space a color you hate. By understanding your color preferences they will be able to ensure you get the perfect space for color, warmth, and brightness.

Are You Doing This All At Once Or In Stages?

A good interior designer will appreciate everyone has a budget and will ask whether you are doing the upgrade in stages or a single go. This makes a difference to how they plan the design and they can even recommend which sections do to do first.

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