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Discover The Top 5 Plants To Keep On Your Desk At Work

Photo by Ann Nekr from Pexels

Having a plant on your desk helps to make the space seem more personal. It’s also a great way to bring a little of the outside world inside and lift your spirits on tough days.

But, it’s more than just something that looks pretty. Plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen, improving the oxygen content in the air for you to breathe. They also filter out almost all the toxins in the air around you, helping you to feel great and stay healthy.

In this sense, you can choose almost any plant for your desk. However, choosing the right house plants UK will help to ensure they survive, even if you’re not as attentive as you should be.

  • Devil’s Ivy

The leaves of this plant can be pale or dark green, usually with white splotches on them, creating an interesting mix of colors. They are big enough to dominate a corner of your desk but easy to manage and they thrive in all levels of light. That makes them the perfect choice for any desk in the office.

You can even put them in larger pots on the floor to create a stunning look.

  • The Weeping Fig

Its real name is Ficus Benjamina. It has a slim trunk with a circular group of leaves. This makes it a great addition to your desk as a standalone plant or part of a collection.

The seeds tend to fall next to the main plant and can cause issues in the long term, it’s better to focus on just the main plant.

You should note that these plants like sunlight and don’t like draughts. You’ll need to consider that when positioning them.

  • Zamioculcas Zamiifolia

This plant is generally referred to as the ZZ plant. The plant is green all year round and has thick stalks. These are designed to hold water. In other words, you can forget to water it for weeks and it will still flourish. 

In fact, this plant needs very little care and attention, just a semi-lit area and water it when you remember. It’s that simple. 

  • Philodendron

The Imperial Green Philodendron is actually a man-made hybrid that looks fantastic. It has huge eaves which are a deep green color with a tinge of red. Best of all, they keep the same appearance throughout the year, ensuring they can always lift your spirits.  

The Philodendrum does prefer low humidity environments and medium temperatures. It is also not a fan of direct sunlight. That all makes it the perfect addition to your office. 

  • Dracaena

The Dracaena is excellent at removing toxins from the air and it’s a very hardy plant. You’ll have to do very little to look after it and your work environment. 

It has an impressive root system which makes it almost impossible for the plant to start wilting. What may surprise you is how pretty the thin bold green leaves are. It will look perfect in any work environment.


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