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DIY Father’s Day Treat Jar


Father’s Day is this Sunday. What are you doing for the special Father’s in your life? Moms aren’t the only ones who indulge in treats from time to time. Dads often have their special stash that is off limits as well. A fun Father’s Day gift for the snacking enthusiast would be a ginormous treat jar decorated by the kids! That’s exactly what the kids (OMG I have TWO kids now) and I decided to do for Greg.

I knew this was something that he’d absolutely love, but debated if I’d share it because it by no means is healthy… However, I’m sure we can all be mature and laugh at it, can’t we? What do they say about moderation? Alrighty then. Of course what you decide to put in your treat jar is up to you, but if you dump every gummy/sugary candy you can find in the jar like me, the recipient must be able to exercise discipline, be able to share, and brush often. Hey, you might want to attach a toothbrush to the jar. That being said, don’t be hating on my gift idea to hubby :-).



1-Gallon Jar with lid
Non-Toxic Enamel Paint
Foam Spouncer Tops
Letter Stencils
Treats to fill jar

…all of which can be purchased at Walmart.



Take turns decorating the jar by stenciling on a personalized message. Cover kid hands in paint and let them stamp hand prints on the jar. Cure the paint in the oven for 20 minutes at 350 degree F. Make sure the jar that you’re using is oven-safe! Let jar cool off completely before adding treats.


The treats can be as outrageous…


or as simple as you’d like. Happy Father’s Day!

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  • Heather H
    6 years ago

    I love the use of the stencils. I typically steer away from DIY pockets, and don’t think I ever pushed my shopping cart down the craft aisle at Walmart. Do they have a craft section? lol BUt this…this is doable.

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  • Lala
    6 years ago

    So cute!

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