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Don’t Let These Body Hang Ups Bring You Down

Photo by Jennifer Enujiugha from Pexels

If we are all going to be honest with each other, then we can all agree that there are many body hang ups in which we have in common. Women can be totally self-critical of themselves, and what you see in the mirror might not be how you appear to someone else. But yet we won’t be able to shake that thought and opinion and sometimes it can consume us. However, it’s always nice to be safe in the knowledge that we can all feel like this at times, and instead, if you feel strongly enough then there are some actions you can take. 

Lockdown especially may have had you thinking about some of the things you are self conscious about, especially as we had no way of getting to a hairdresser, a beauty specialist or even the gym to help us maintain weight loss. This is when things may have gotten to us more so than ever before. However, you don’t need to let these common hangups bring you down. There are things you can do to make the changes and feel better and more confident within yourself. With that in mind, here are some of the common body hang ups and some of the things that you could do about them. 

A little bit more hair than you would like

There is this stigma that women shouldn’t be hairy, but the truth is, we can get hair in all sorts of places and it’s completely natural. However, many of us can agree that there are some areas of our body that we would prefer to not have hair, and thankfully, there are things we can do to prevent it. Laser treatments are great for this. You can consider shaving and waxing to help give you a more short-term and manageable solution to unwanted hair. 

Cellulite on those tough areas

Cellulite can often be a trickier thing to resolve, and women tend to get cellulite on harder to reach areas such as the top of their thighs and the buttocks. However, there are things you can do such as liposuction and fat freezing procedures. You can also use creams and an exfoliating body brush that when used in a particular motion, can help to reduce the signs of cellulite and it recurring again. This can often be a tricky area and one that many women are conscious of, but it isn’t something to feel ashamed about either. 

What about that healthy glow?

There is no denying that we all want to put our best face forward each day, but sometimes this can be tricky. This is why it is important for you to ensure that you do what you can to maintain a healthy glow. You can try facials or even spa treatments at home where a microcurrent machine could come in handy. Your skin is a reflection on you and how you feel, so if you can show off a glow of health then it can give you that extra confidence boost that you will need. 

Not being able to regain a toned stomach

One thing many women struggle with is their stomach area, especially after having children as their body tends to change. This isn’t something that should become a great concern to you, especially given what your body has just been through but, of course, it isn’t always easy to accept. A slow process of a good diet and regular exercise will help you to achieve the desired look once more. However, it isn’t something to rush or be too concerned with. 

Not being happy with their smile 

The smile can be a big problem for women, and it can often have much to do with the appearance of your teeth. They may not be as straight as you would like, or perhaps you would want them to be brighter in appearance. Thankfully, at-home teeth whitening kits are really becoming popular and cosmetic dentistry is something that is far more accessible than it used to be. Enabling women to feel comfortable and smile more naturally. You could also look at teeth straightening and even braces. They can be a more long-term solution to a beautiful smile, but it can give you that extra confidence. There are so many options for cosmetic dentistry these days that it is possible to finally feel confident in your smile. 

Let’s hope that this has at least provided you with some comfort that so many women have the same hang-ups and the truth is, you do have the power to resolve those issues.

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