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Don’t Lose Your Family Time to Sunday Night Football


This is a sponsored post; while the views expressed here are ours, we’ve received compensation from Farm Rich to share this recipe.

A few weeks ago I posted a story about Sunday nights being great family nights.  The idea was to make Sunday Night Football a focal point for your family, and turn your TV room into a tailgate party.

It’s a “if you can’t beat’m, join’m, strategy.  Why let football tear your family away from each other?  Use it as a catalyst for cohesiveness.  Just because the football players are trying to tear each other apart, doesn’t mean you need to!

In my last post, I had suggested that you don’t need to be a super-fan to make this work.  It’s all of the stuff that surrounds the game that’s fun for the family.  Getting decked out in team colors and logos; side bets on who scores first, who fumbles first, etc., using stakes like chores or privileges.

But even without all these things, having your own “TV Room Tailgate Party” has one minimum requirement: awesome food!  Last time we showed you how to make Chicken and Waffle Sandwiches.  In the spirit of trying fun, new recipes each week, the folks at Farm Rich are providing some awesome, Game Day Snack Hacks all season long.  Check out so you can keep your team well-nourished for the game.


Here’s this week’s recipe:

Sports Day Meatballs

So, don’t let football intercept your family time – – make a touchdown with your own TV Room Tailgate Party!

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