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Effective And Easy Tips That Will Help You Drink More Water

If you only ever drink water when you feel thirsty, you probably should bookmark this article before reading on. Doctors and even friends who barely know anything about the body keep telling you how important it is to drink water, so this is not going to be one of those why-you-should-drink-water articles but more of how to drink water.

There is no standard measurement for how much water you should drink, although “experts” say you should drink about 5 liters of water every day. This may sound unrealistic to you, who barely drinks 2 liters a day, so first of all, calm down. Understand that you are under no pressure to drink a barrel of water this week and the only reason you should consume more is that you want to. Doing this makes the journey a tad easier because you understand the importance of adequate water consumption, and you want to achieve those goals for yourself.

With all that said, these are ten practical and effective steps to help you increase your water intake without pressure.

Have a realistic goal in mind

It is good to set goals that scare you but not today. When it comes to doing things that you ordinarily wouldn’t do – such as drinking more water, it is best to start with small, realistic goals. Instead of saying you want to consume 4 liters of water a day, start with 5 or 6 cups if you typically only drink about 4 cups a day. This way, you would convince your mind to see how easy it is to add just one extra cup of water to your daily routine. Easy and practical are the keywords here.

Get a Cute Bottle 

Having your water only in glass may not be possible if you work outside your home or go to school. So, how about a fancy water flask from  in your favorite color? Not only would this save you a few dollars spent on buying water everywhere you go, but it would also boost your sipping habit because most bottles come with a slender top that makes the experience fun. 

Get help to stay accountable

Setting a goal is one thing; sticking to it is different, so don’t rely on your brain to just do as you say because you’re the boss of yourself. If you think telling a friend or family member your goal and having them remind you about it, then that’s okay. However, in this century, it is easier and more feasible to have software hold you accountable. There are several lifestyle apps on both Google and Apple app stores that help you track your water intake every day. 

Download anyone that suits your aesthetic, device, and needs and set it up with your goal in mind. Once this is done, you should get regular prompts to remind you to drink water over the day. Some apps make things more fun by rewarding you with a badge or some perks to help you stay on track.

Set reminders

Well, the app could serve as a reminder, but sometimes, actual reminders prove more effective. Besides, an extra reminder wouldn’t hurt anyone, would it? You could simply activate additional reminders on your clock or phone with precise titles like, “Hey A, it’s time to get a little more water.” set the reminders to repeat automatically daily so that you don’t have to do it manually every single day. That could make the process boring and discouraging.

Sip frequently

Do you still feel that the task is arduous even after setting a small goal like taking four glasses of water a day? Do not fret. Rather than forcing yourself to finish up a glass at once, why not try sipping the water over an hour? This way, you wouldn’t force your body to do what it doesn’t want to. It’s just a sip, you know. And another sip. And another. And another until you finish the bottle of water. Talking about bottles, let’s see the next point.

Add some flavor, not sugar

If you find the nature of water too boring to be consumed frequently, then you could spice it up by adding some natural flavor from lemon or cucumber to it. Be careful not to go overboard with it, though, because the plan is to help you drink more water, not more juice.

Another bonus tip is to replace your juices and wine with some water. Remind yourself of your skin goals or general health goals and the role that water plays in them when next you want to double down on your wine glass. Then ask yourself, water or more wine?

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