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062 I know Easter is SO March 31st, but I’m trying to get back into the groove of writing about our family moments. Things have settled down a bit since Winter… I suppose.

The day before Easter, we took Jayden to the annual Egg Hunt. During this extravaganza, helicopters drop plastic eggs filled with candy and tickets redeemable for prizes like bikes, toys, etc. They drop the goods and the kids have at it. Some kids get lost… every year according to one of the security guards. Some children and parents are a little more overzealous than others. Insanity I tell ya. There was no way we were going to let Jayden out to fiend for himself so Greg helped him grab a few eggs.

After the hunt, we headed to the mall for more festivities, but Jayden was more interested in riding the carousel vs seeing the bunny. He rode the carousel, we grabbed some Auntie Annie’s and bounced. Since the egg hunt was kind of a bust, we set up a surprise hunt in the house post-Easter. Markdowns… hello. He had so much fun. It’s the simple things.

You may be wondering about the cute little vest Jaxon and I are wearing. It’s the Boba Vest. It looks a lot like the Peekaru because Boba is in the process of re-branding them as a Boba product. I’ve always wanted one of these little vests and Boba was nice enough to send me one (disclosure). At the egg hunt, I felt like a walking advertisement for Boba, lol, I wish I had some business cards on hand because I got quite a few looks and women inquiring about the vest. It was nice out, but a tad chilly, so the Boba Vest worked out perfectly for us. Underneath Jaxon was resting in the Organic Boba carrier wearing long sleeves and pants and the vest acted as a little fleece jacket. He was very content that day, observing his surroundings with his little tongue out :-).


The Boba Vest is made to fit over any wrap or soft structured carrier. It has a side zipper making it easy to put on or remove. It also has a front tube pocket perfect for holding cellphone if you Instagram alot ;-). Me and Juicy Jax can’t get enough of the Boba Vest. It is coming in handy during our unpredictable transition to Spring weather.

More photos from the Easter festivities…




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  • traceykinohio April 19, 2013 at 7:31 AM

    Wow! I’ve never seen the whole helicopter thing. And yes – the crowd looks maddening. I can see how little ones would lost in the shuffle! That Jaxon is the SWEETEST w/the little tongue, & you still look like a teenager (I hate you – LOL!). My year old niece visited from L.A. over Easter & her parents thru her a “hunt” in my mom’s living room. It was perfect since she’s a toddler. But she went around & found the eggs w/her basket – SO precious. Love the Boba vest!

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  • Emily April 14, 2013 at 10:38 PM

    Gosh their cute!! (you are too). My son did a ton of Easter Egg hunts this year as well. I love the Boba Vest. I wish I had one when Dominic was a baby, would’ve came in handy! I love that you all had a lovely and simple Easter <3

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    • Sheena April 15, 2013 at 9:05 PM

      Aww thanks. Our Easter’s are usually simple and we go wherever the wind takes us, lol :).

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