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Entrepreneurship: Problems are Opportunities!

Every problem that exists in the world has a job behind it that can solve for each problem. From emotional and health problems, to financial, structural, societal, environmental and the like, jobs, careers, businesses and practices exist as people develop passions from seeing needs, using their resources and energy to fill those needs of the world. Many jobs exist now that didn’t a few short years ago, and many are being created, because essentially, the sky is the limit! Let’s take a look at some newer professions that were created from big problems:

Digital Marketers

This has been around for several years now but is growing exponentially nonetheless. Social media is here as a staple in our life, and with that brings a plethora of avenues in which marketing can be created, shared, measured and tracked. Technology grows at seemingly infinite rates in the capacity in which we can find content to consume, as well as how much can fit on a single screen with increasing clarity and the speed at which our brains can process what we’re seeing.


Anyone that has an expertise, passion or experience in a given subject area can be a consultant. It takes a bit of know-how, and a lot of setting up your business to work with clients. There are financial and health consultants for personal consumption, as well as more niche and business-specific consultants like HIPAA consultants, IT consultants, marketing consultants, customs consultants, legal consultants, HR consultants, and the list goes on and on. For example, what does a HIPAA consultant do exactly? These are experts in the area of HIPAA compliance and information, as well as how businesses need to best integrate and structure their operational procedures and business practices around the requirements. Perhaps a bit dry to most, but deeply needed in all areas of current medical practices.

3D Printing

Nearly anything can be 3D printed now, and certainly, almost anything is within the realm of possibilities for the near future of being printed. Personal 3D printers can be bought at local hardware stores, or online, and can be used with minimal setup and learning time. The technology is still new and basic by comparison of what can be done in the future, though it’s actually quite impressive nonetheless. Things to make are scale models, toys, games, cards, boxes, containers, and other varieties of widgets. Buying a 3D printer may not be readily accessible for the novice user, but for those with the time, resources and curiosity, it could be a consideration for a side business with the upside relying mostly on your abilities to solve common problems with 3D printed items.

What profession are you currently in, and what is your dream profession or career path? Are these aligned, or can you explore some of the many growing professions and business needs of the future? Anything is possible, especially with the global commerce market being available at our fingertips. It takes a blend of having a website or web presence in most cases, know-how and expertise in something, and a driving passion to pursue that path of solving problems. After all, every problem is an opportunity, and the bigger the problem, the larger the opportunity!

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