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Environmentally-Friendly Home Decorating

One thing that has to be taken into account these days when completing home decorating and DIY projects is the environment and the impact you might be having on it. Some commonly used paints and varnishes, as well as the other tools and equipment that are often used, are not very environmentally-friendly.

Choosing cleaner and more natural products is definitely something you should be striving to do. And there are many ways to do it. You can start by buying more used items rather than relying solely on brand new ones. Reusing and recycling is great for the environment because you’re giving use to items that would otherwise be thrown out.

If you’re buying wood in order to complete your home improvement and decorating projects, you should be careful about the choice you ultimately make. Some woods are produced and sourced more sustainably than others. Ensure you know where the wood has come from and whether it’s from a sustainable source. 

The paint you choose is also important. You should ideally opt for low-VOC paint as that’s much better for the environment. Options such as Real Milk Paint are also worth considering as they’re created and designed to be good for the environment. Find out more about that option in the infographic below.

Infographic designed by: Real Milk Paint

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