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Event Planning Tips for the Holidays

It’s that special time of the year again when parties and event invites are plentiful. There’s plenty of festive decorations, good cheer, and friendly spirits to be had during the holidays. Throwing an event during the holiday season requires a lot of work. If you don’t know where to begin, follow some of the suggestions below to throw a successful event that will be the talk of the season.

  1. Choose Your Venue

Before you can make preparations, you need to find a venue to hold your event at. The venue needs to accompany all the guests and include room for catering, entertainment setup, and dancing. If the space you rent does not come with the audio and video hookups you will require, consider finding one of the reputable companies offering A/V equipment rental in San Diego and other major cities. They can come and have everything set up before your event.

  1. Pick Event Date

When it comes to reserving the venue for your event, it is best to book it as soon as possible. This will give you time to set up the seating and activities, arrange the festivities and send out invitations with the date. Send out the invitations early enough so that guests may plan accordingly for their attendance. In some cases, you may receive a discount if you book your venue early enough.

  1. Choose an Event Theme

All successful holiday events have a theme. Once you choose the theme, you will be able to plan the tableware, decor, attire, activities, and entertainment around it. In addition to the visuals of the theme, you should decide in advance the kind of party it will be. Will it be a formal occasion? Do you want a festive but casual party where everyone can mingle as they wish? Does the event require formal wear or casual wear?

  1. Determine the Guest List

Once the basics of the event have been set and the theme picked out, it’s important to figure out how many people will attend. Get an idea of how many guests will attend well before the date of the event arrives. You will need to know how much food and drinks will be enough to feed all who attend. Once you have a rough estimate of guests, plan to add at least 10 or 15% more “guests” to anticipate overages or people bringing plus ones.

  1. Determine Food Options

One of the most exciting parts about attending holiday events is good food. Because of this, it is important to create a menu with delicious items that everyone can enjoy and remember. It is crucial to plan the menu early in advance. Hire a catering company that can match the theme and offers alternative options for guests that require them. Be sure you have an accurate headcount when you place your order with the catering company.

  1. Plan Incentives and Entertainment

The highlight of the holiday event should be the entertainment and activities that are planned. Some ideas to consider include a DJ, craft table, keynote speaker and holiday-themed games. You may also include giveaways and raffles for guests to try and win prizes. Give each guest a ticket as they enter the event. If your budget has some wiggle room, consider giving party favors or gift bags to each guest before the event ends.

Planning the perfect holiday event does not have to be difficult. The most important tip is to start the preparations early enough to allow plenty of time to get everything accomplished.

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