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Every Cent Counts, Get Your Penney’s Worth


Pennies. What inconvenient valueless pieces of zinc. Ugh, who needs them? How many times have you shared those sentiments when given pennies as change or while briefly spotting one measly cent on the ground? Everyone can remember the joy of finding a penny and picking it up. So when did the penny lose its luster? I’m not that old, but I’m about to sound that way. Storytime. Back in MY day, I was taught the value of a penny. I have so many fond childhood memories surrounding the tiny, yet mighty unit of currency.

I was raised by a single mom who was serious about her coins. We would toss coins in various locations of the house; in pressed glass ashtrays and her jewelry box. That money then would become snack money. So once we had collected plenty of pennies, we’d count, sort, and wrap them up in whatever paper we had at the time; usually brown shopping bags. We’d then, walk to the convenience store or gas station to purchase treats with our pennies. Those mini missions were always gratifying and thinking back, humbling.


JCPenney recently conducted a penny focused survey. The results found that the penny may be tiny, but mighty! Ninety-five million Americans (2 in 5) say they usually wouldn’t even pick up a penny if they saw it on the sidewalk. But that doesn’t mean Americans think the penny is worthless. In fact, quite the opposite. Nearly nine in ten Americans still keep pennies around either in their home, a piggy bank or their purse (89%) and say that pennies can come in handy (88%). Almost three-quarters of Americans (73%) say the penny is an important part of our currency and should not be eliminated.


JCPenney is celebrating the penny and making it worth something again. JCPenney’s new “Penney Days” sales are here to remind people of the powerful penny! Penney Days will include BOGOs or “buy one, get one” specials available in store and on The first week-long Penney Day BOGO event will run Feb. 28 to March 5, allowing customers to purchase any item from the Company’s The Original Arizona Jean Co.® and purchase another Arizona item for just one penny (excluding footwear). Throughout the year, additional Penney Day promotions will include one-day-only specials that feature a unique in-store item for just a penny with no additional purchase required so be sure to follow JCPenney on social (Facebook | Twitter) for the heads-up!

Spring is nearby, so I think I’ll be grabbing a few things for the boys. How will you Get Your Penney’s Worth?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of JCPenney. The opinions and text are all mine.


Tuesday 8th of March 2016

Every penny sure does count. I like how you've connected a very important subject and theme to something 'fun.' So unique and well written!

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