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Expert Hacks That Will Give You More Room Inside Your Cluttered Home

Regardless of how much space we have in our homes, most of us somehow manage to overfill it. Of course, smaller houses and apartments will get cluttered more easily, but, in reality, whatever the size of a home is, it always needs some decluttering. No matter how tidy you are, there are always going to be some tax forms, books, old clothes, or school supplies that need to be put away. 

We know that a lot of people feel stressed when they surround themselves with too many things. If this is how you are feeling as well, you have come to the right place. In the article we have prepared for you, we will discuss some effective decluttering tips you can follow to take better care of your home.

Pick one room first

No matter what the task is, if you know there are numerous things you have to do, you are more likely to get discouraged. And it is the same when it comes to decluttering your home. If you look at your whole home and think about how many items you have to put away, you might not be so enthusiastic about tidying up after all. 

This is why the best idea is to start with one room. It can be your bedroom, kitchen, living room, or any other room you feel comfortable tackling first. And when you finish up with one space, the others will be easier to handle. You might feel even more enthusiastic after seeing the results in the first room you picked.

Make use of your ceilings

When most of us think about putting things away, we consider putting them in boxes or at the back of our closets. But there is one huge area of your home, you are probably not making use of yet – your ceilings. Yes, you read it right! There are numerous ways you could use up your ceilings for storage. So, look around your home and see where you could install a ceiling storage unit. 

If you do not feel comfortable doing so inside the house, you can use your garage as well. You can get a retractable garage storage lift that can allow you to store your items, while still leaving you space for your vehicle. And the best thing is, when you use this type of storage, you do not risk your things getting wet from the rain.

Keep flat surfaces clear

The clutter that will be the most noticeable will never be in your closet, or under your bed, but on the flat surfaces in your home. If you have many vases, lamps, and pictures on your nightstand or your dresser, consider putting some of them away, or at least moving them to another place. Of course, it is okay to have some decorations but try to keep them to a minimum. Once you clear out your flat surfaces, you will realize how much space feels more peaceful and calming. 

Put away out-of-season clothes

If your closets are full, and you have no more space, there is one thing that will surely provide you with more space – putting away out-of-season clothes. If you will not be using some clothes or accessories for a few months, there is no reason for them to take space in your closet now. You can place them under your bed, on the top of your closet, or in the ceiling storage units, we have already mentioned. Just make sure they are put in a box or anything else that will prevent your clothing from getting dusty or wet. The last thing you would want is having to wash all of it once you take them out again. 

Organize your clothes

If you do not have the space to put away your out-of-season clothing, there are ways to make your closet look nicer. No matter what kind of system you choose, organizing your closet will certainly make it look neater, and it will make it easier for you to get out the door quickly in the morning. You can organize by color, by season, by how frequently you different clothing items, or in any other way you like. And of course, try to build the habit of always putting things in their place. After a while, with very little effort, you will have a nice-looking, functional closet. 

Get rid of unnecessary furniture

The best strategy for making more space is to get rid of the biggest items in your home. So, if you want to free a lot of space, getting rid of a few books and shirts will not do the job. But, if you have any unnecessary furniture, getting rid of it will make your house look as clutter-free as it can be. If you are not sure whether you want to do it, move your furniture around, or put something aside, so that you can see the results. When you see how bigger a room can look when you free up some floor space, the decision might not be as hard after all.

Toss out or donate

We know that getting rid of old things can be saddening. But, to declutter your home and make space for new things, you must get rid of some old ones in the process. Before you start everything, get two separate sets of boxes. Use one for the things that have to be thrown away, and the other one for the things you can and want to donate. This way, it will be easier to track what will go where, and you can be sure that you did not throw away anything you wanted.

And of course, if there is anything that you can recycle, make sure you have done so as well. All of this might not be the easiest process, but in the end, seeing your decluttered home will make it all worth it. 

Even though decluttering a home is satisfying for most of us, we know that it can sometimes be hard to start. If this is something that was bothering you as well, or if you did not know any useful tips and tricks, we hope our article has helped you. And if you are feeling sad about getting rid of something, remember that you are just making space for new memories.

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