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Fabric Bookcase Backing Makeover


We just bought a bookcase for the playroom designated for toys and learning supplies. Although not necessary, I wanted to spruce it up a little to add some contrast between the shelves and the backing. I decided to decorate the back of the bookcase with some fabric for an instant makeover. It turned out pretty snazzy, but I think I went overboard with the Mod Podge. I honestly didn’t need to use Mod Podge since I used staples, but had the bookcase backing been thicker, Mod Podge would have definitely been needed.



– Bookcase (Ameriwood 5-Shelf)

– 2 yards of fabric (bought mine from Hawthorne Threads, but check out Walmart’s selection)

– Stapler and/or Mod Podge (I used Matte finish, Glossy probably looks better)

I layed the backing of the bookcase on a drop cloth. The backing looks a little rough because Greg put the bookcase together before I had the chance to tell him to leave it off… soooo I had to remove it… and nail it back on when I was done.


I took 2 yards of fabric and layed it on top of the backing, leaving an inch of fabric on the right side to be overlapped and stapled to the backing. I trimmed off excess fabric on the left side (there was about 5 inches of fabric left) and proceeded to Mod Podge over the cardboard backing.




I then, layed the fabric on top of the Mod Podge and smoothed it out… to the best of my ability. This is when I should have folded the fabric under on the left side and stapled it, but I did that AND Mod Podged over the fabric.


It really didn’t need a 2nd coat of Mod Podge. Hey, you learn from experience, right? I couldn’t wait for the backing to completely dry, so I nailed it back on the bookcase moist. I stared at the finished product with apprehension, but as it dried, it looked better and better.


This was a super simple project that made such a big difference. I definitely see more fabric makeovers in the near future. Once I find something that works, I run with it!

Edited to add: The bubbles disappeared after it finished drying!

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Sunday 24th of June 2012

That is soo cool. Love it.


Monday 9th of July 2012

Thanks! It looks great now that it dried :-).

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